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08/22/2008: "Gallery Update: Marc Jacobs photoshoot"

Source: Loveradio.ru

t.A.T.u. recently did a photoshoot for fashion designer Marc Jacobsí fall collection for women. Along with the stylist, t.A.T.u. choose the clothing and shoes for the photoshoot. Below are the behind the scenes photos from the photoshoot. You can read the full story in Russian here.

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on Sunday, August 24th, Jenn said

I can't wait to see how these photos will come out. They look so beautiful, even in these behind the scenes pics.

on Saturday, August 23rd, Anya said

for some reason Lena looks old too me, maybe it's the lipstick

but Yulia looks so young and beautiful, don't get me wrong Lena looks lovely(but ld)