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08/25/2008: "t.A.T.u. photoshoot “Marc by Marc Jacobs”"

Source: Tatu.ru

t.A.T.u. became the faces of Marc by Marc Jacob / fall-winter ’08 campaign. More details are coming!

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on Sunday, August 31st, Amanda said

Lloyd, I completely agree about the clothes. But they are, in fact, designed by Marc Jacobs for his fall/winter line. I’m not one for fashion, so I’ll be the first to say I find a lot of fashion designers’ clothes to be simply ordinary. I think our girls have a much better fashion sense by themselves.

on Sunday, August 31st, lloyd said

Lena's hair is nice but apart from that if i didnt trust this site i would say that this photo is a picture of yulia and some person that they found in the street. Yulia s beutiful because she hasnt't got so much make up on. And i wouldnt say that this was much of a campgin because the clothes look ordinary and are hardly daring...

on Saturday, August 30th, ryan said

i think tatu are slowly movin more to modeling rather than singing :'( they look fab but i want songs aswell :D i love tatu xxx

on Tuesday, August 26th, tatyforever said

i think they look cute!!

on Tuesday, August 26th, niKa said

Lena looks strange
i want old lena, she was gorgeous... she's too... lookin weird on this one

on Monday, August 25th, Jenn said

I don't see why everyone is complaining. They look absolutely stunning, and are wearing perfect autumn clothing and make-up. Plus, we haven't even seen the photos. As far as I can tell, we've only seen what's behind the scenes and all that jazz. I'm really excited to see the photos. Lena looks VERY beautiful, too.

on Monday, August 25th, Mia said

I like it. They look gorgeous.

on Monday, August 25th, Lauren said

This does look like a standard fashion campaign though. I would've loved to see something new brought to the table, especially with the girls involved but oh well.

on Monday, August 25th, Lauren said

Aww. Doesn't look like a Juergen Teller shoot. Juergen Teller + t.A.T.u. would be so awesome.

I was so excited about this... maybe the whole campaign will look way better.

Then again, I'm done with holding my hope up with t.A.T.u.! Amanda and I should manage them. We'd be the pwners of the world even more!!!

on Monday, August 25th, Disappointed said

OMG What the HELL did they do to Lena's beautiful face?!?!?! They ignited her eyebrows. AND HER HAIR?!?
You'd think people with Marc Jacobs would want her looking like a woman.
What a disappointment, that along with 7 weeks of no posts on the official website.