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09/01/2008: "New interview for Time Out magazine"

Source: Tatu.ru, blog.tatu.ru

Music editor of Time Out magazine met t.A.T.u. and talked about their new LP “Happy Smiles”, about “dancing panties” and re-evaluation of values in music. Click here to read the full interview that was not published in the mag.

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on Saturday, September 6th, Jenn said

What does t.A.T.u. have that other Russian dancing panties don't? LESBIAN dancing panties! And I mean literally. MALCHIK GAY!

on Friday, September 5th, Ali said

I really have to agree with Amy. tatu thinks way too highly of themselves, they only became famous because of fake lesbianism, not because of high quality music! They tried to shock people by constantly dressing very skanky at concert, in videos, at photoshoots. I've heard better Russian music than tatu, they need to get off their high horse. Yes, I like tatu, but seriously, get over yourself!

on Friday, September 5th, Lauren said

Amy, you're my hero.

on Thursday, September 4th, Amy said

I've read the article, and honestly, I'm dissapointed. These girls aren't conscious of themselves at all.
Yes, the music industry of today is full of talentless people, but they should be aware that they are the same. They are terrible live, not all they're lyrics are oh so complex (examples "Loves Me Not", "Friend Or Foe" etc.), they shouldn't brag about it since they don't write their own lyrics, and as for music not being art anymore, being fake...who pretended to be lesbians and apeared naked in recent videos in order to attract attention upon themselves and their 'art'? 14-15 and topless in magazines, kissing in the rain, topless on a carousell, skimpy in other 'artsy' videos, bra-only in concerts, who was that?
These two should get their feet back on the ground. They think so highly of themselves when they're actually exactly like the rest that saturate the industry.

on Tuesday, September 2nd, - said

I don't really care lol, I just want a release date!

on Monday, September 1st, Jenn said

Five hours after I read that article my mind suddenly flashed - IT WAS A JOKE. Boy, do I feel stupid! lmao. Happy Smiles.

It's too bad that I have to go back to thinking about shit when I listen to them, though.

on Monday, September 1st, Mike said

Oh, nvm, I didn't realize they were joking, hehe!

on Monday, September 1st, Mike said

WAIT! So does this mean the album isn't being released t'morrow? I guess it's a good thing I didn't pre-order it then. ^_^

on Monday, September 1st, Jenn said

I like that picture.

So the new album is going to be called "Happy Smiles"? LMFAO! Aww, it's cute though. At least it doesn't make me think of poo when I say it out loud. HAPPY SMILES! HAPPY SMILES!