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09/01/2008: "t.A.T.u. will headline Viva Comet Awards 2008"

Source: Tatu.ru

2 October t.A.T.u. will headline Viva Comet Awards 2008 in Warsaw, Poland. You can buy tickets online for the show here. The show will be broadcasted on VIVA Poland which is available for many European countries. Thanks to Robbie (tatysite.net).

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on Friday, September 5th, DJ said

What's the cancellation date? *laughs* Well, no album, but maybe some more live stuff on youtube.

on Tuesday, September 2nd, Mia said

It's a disrespect to the loyal fans what they are doing postponing all release dates. I'm so pissed off.

on Tuesday, September 2nd, Jenn said

Yeah, I would like some news on the album too. At least tell us what's going on with the production of the god damn thing! We've been guessing our hearts out about this thing for almost a year. I used to tell people to calm down and be patient, but this is ridiculous. I'm starting to think that they aren't thinking about their fans right now.

It felt good to get that out. I feel good again!

on Monday, September 1st, Annie said

Seriously, the album is supposed to be released tomorrow, but there has been no news on it, I feel like it will be pushed back again :(

on Monday, September 1st, Mia said

What about the album? Any news...?

on Monday, September 1st, Jenn said

Hell yeah! This makes a t.A.T.u. fan very happy (even if they don't live in Russia.) :)