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09/04/2008: "“Happy Smiles” album cover"

Source: Tatu.ru

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on Sunday, September 7th, John said

this rumor is just that. t.A/T.u. jokingly referred to it as just that, a joke.
The new album will come sometime after the release of the third single "Upravlenie Otbromsami"

on Friday, September 5th, Lauren said

Unless the release date of the album is on the official t.A.T.u. website or myspace, then you shouldn't believe a thing. You will be even more disappointed. I know tatu.ru hasn't updated much about the progress but I'm sure they will announce the release date! And I know they've been working on the album for quite awhile and you're impatient, but since the news has been updated on the site recently, it means something (anything!) must be coming.

on Thursday, September 4th, Emily said

By fake, I meant a joke from t.A.T.u.

It's not an actual album.

on Thursday, September 4th, liz said

according to audio-club.ru, the album is going to be released on 9/15. i'm going to "cross" my fingers on this one!

on Thursday, September 4th, Robbert said

Im with Jenn yet again. WHERE THE FUCK ARE OUR CD'S OR ATLEAST LIKE ONE SONG WE HAVENT HEARD WE CAN DOWNLOAD?!?!?! and i told you guys wayyy back ask jenn. i knew thats why the cd was on delay because they had to change album work. the snegopady single cd (remember? lol) had a new cover. i seriously think thats why its been on delay

on Thursday, September 4th, Jenn said


on Thursday, September 4th, Natasha said

How can this be a fake if the source says it's from tatu.ru? Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Some of you guys need to read a little better.

on Thursday, September 4th, Emily said

This whole Happy Smiles thing must be fake.

on Thursday, September 4th, DJ said

Fake, obviously. It's pathetic quality. Also, these fake covers (as intentional spoofs) are all over t.A.T.u. message boards.

on Thursday, September 4th, Kaite said

Um, okay so yah this is supposed to be a joke, hahaha, Okay, you can give us the album now!

on Thursday, September 4th, liz said

what the deuce?

on Thursday, September 4th, Sabrina said

Well, in my opinion the Cover should show a picture from Yulia and Lena and not from an Asian Astronaut. The Cover would be better with a picture of both and everyone of them have a big smile in there face, and we see they are Happy and have fun. I'm just hoping that this Cover is a Fake and there will be another better cover.

lg sabrina

on Thursday, September 4th, ryan said

all i can say is... at least we know the album is still on route for an arrival sometime soon. tbh its not a bad cover, just not the best picture haha... still, never judge a book by its cover and im sure the same goes for a cd haha. i love tatu inuf to go along with their decisions :D even if the girls didnt decide it :/

t.A.T.u. is more than a band! its a religion we must all worship everyday.