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09/09/2008: "“Happy Smiles” official information"

Source: Tatu.ru

“Veselye Ulybki” / “Happy Smiles” is t.A.T.u.’s third studio album.

It is comprized of 12 tracks, born during 3-year-long silence.

For almost a year a working title of the album was “Upravleniye Otbrosami” / “Waste Management”. But a month before the release – for the sake of ironic smile of those, who understand – the title changed. The essence, however, remained.

Album press-release (PDF file)

01. Intro
02. Beliy Plaschik
03. You and I
04. Snegopady
05. 220
06. Marsianskiye Glaza
07. Chelovechki
08. Happy Smiles
09. Running Blind
10. Fly on the Wall
11. Vremya Luny
12. Ne Zhaley

Replies: 22 Comments

on Friday, September 19th, Justyna said

Waste Management was a better name for the album
its more t.A.T.u. like ):

but as long as the album songs stay the same, its A-okay (:

on Friday, September 12th, Jenn said

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. I don't think I have ever been this excited for a new t.A.T.u. album.

on Friday, September 12th, Amie said

Ooops, I meant "SMILE" not "SMALL" sorry guys.

on Friday, September 12th, Amie said

I like the new name and cover.

It's like..the small thats hiding all else.

It's got such a deep meaning...
It's like, just saying...
"I fucking love t.A.T.u.";
doesn't even begin to explain the amazing progress of this one Russian band.

I don't think they realize just how many American fans they have. lol.

t.A.T.u. just blows me away...And they'll probably keep doing it over and over and over again. <333

on Friday, September 12th, liz said

i just read on audio-club.ru, the album is going to be released 9/16. i'm crossing my fingers for this one!

on Friday, September 12th, =] said

yeah, I noticed that too!
hopefully its really kick-ass under there =D

on Friday, September 12th, Mike said

OMG, I don't know why I didn't notice it before... in the photo for the press release, you can easily tell that the astronaut cover is one of those cardboard slips, and, that underneath, the actual booklet cover has a blue background!

I'm aware it will still mean that the astronaut cover is what the public will see, but perhaps a cover that is more appealing to the masses is underneath???

on Wednesday, September 10th, tara said

"The essence remained"
Hell with the name ^_^

Go t.a.t.u

on Wednesday, September 10th, Justyna said

sounds like miley cyrus,
except knowing t.A.T.u. its gonna be a thousand times better (:

i just cannot wait for this album!

on Wednesday, September 10th, Jenn said

HA! I just noticed that the astronaut on the cover is being forced to smile. Or maybe that's some kind of astronauty equipment I know nothing of. I really like the cover art. I liked Ludi Invalidi, too. I like things plain and simple. Sometimes artists rely on their own image, and all we see is that person on their cover art.

on Wednesday, September 10th, daniel said

Maybe if it had a different cover, then Happy Smiles wouldn't be anything to really care about..
maybe it's just that Upravlenie Otbrosami sounded really cool and everyone was waiting so desperately for it.
Hmm, what's gonna happen with the movie?
Cos in the trailer they use the old album art... =/

on Wednesday, September 10th, Mike said

I think that everybody hating on 'Happy Smiles' really needs to rethink their status as t.A.T.u. fans.

Regardless of the album name/title/songs, the only people who are going to buy it are t.A.T.u. fans anyway, and I think we should all be super excited that we're even getting another album.

I, for one, will always support whatever they do, and will look forward to future releases.

PS - I personally thought 'Dangerous and Moving' was gonna suck, and it turned out to be better than their first album, so I can't wait for this one.

on Wednesday, September 10th, tatyforever said

the cover is sooo ugly!!!!but i'm happy they are going to release the album soon!! i hope the english version has more than 12 songs,but i'm glad to hear news about the album!!

on Tuesday, September 9th, Mia said

yes, finally!!
I think the album cover it's lame but it's tatu so it doesnt matter because they rock anyway.

on Tuesday, September 9th, Ali said

Yay, I'm happy tatu finally released news about the album, but seriously, the album cover is ugly! I don't like it all!

on Tuesday, September 9th, JuliaLenaFan said

VERY AWESOME!! XD It surprised me that the name of the album changed lol but it's still awesome! and I'm very excited! I can't wait until the album comes out.

on Tuesday, September 9th, Jenn said

Whatever, you guys. I still prefer Happy Smiles. It smells like flowers. I think I have stated a million times already what Waste Management smells like.

What do disabled people smell like?

on Tuesday, September 9th, DJ said

Oh, and I forgot to speculate... do you think the song "Happy Smiles" originally started out as "Upravleniye Otbrosami/Waste Management", or do you think they custom-wrote something new to fit the retitling?

on Tuesday, September 9th, DJ said

I get that they're being sarcastic. I do. But seriously, guys. _Majorly_ lame reason to give your album a stupid title. People who don't follow t.A.T.u. closely are _not_ going to get the joke and are _not_ going to buy this album.

on Tuesday, September 9th, Torpe said

I'm happy.. I even got a happy smile on!! Cant wait!!!!

on Tuesday, September 9th, Kiwi said

Wait, what? Seriously? I mean, album news is great and all, but... *seriously*? I'm so confused and just a little distraught, though certainly a little happy for news...

on Tuesday, September 9th, Jenn said

YEAH! So it IS called Happy Smiles! I like that much more than smelly Waste Management, although I am still a little bit confused about the title. Why is Happy Smiles now?