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09/09/2008: "You And I screened for Russian fans"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

On Monday, September 8 a group of huge participants of the tatu.rus forum was invited by t.A.T.u.s management to the preview of the movie You and I / V poiskah t.A.T.u. for market research. Showcase was held with the partecipation of RAMCO on one the Mosfilm studios and after the show the audience asked some questions to Sergey Konov. However, the movie will not be released to the public any earlier than 2009. Thanks to Jam_One and Max (tatu.ru).

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on Friday, September 12th, tatyforever said

does it mean that the album won't come out until early 2009??
oohhh!!! i'm glad for the movie to be previewed but this is bad news

on Thursday, September 11th, Sarah said

Coco you are absolutly right
For a good research they need to use neutral people.
So no fans of any of the actors i.e. ^^

on Wednesday, September 10th, DJ said

This thing will premiere in two countries only: Russia and the Land of Straight-to-DVD. Which will stop exactly none of us from watching it.

on Wednesday, September 10th, daniel said

That's a good point! I don't think it'll be big... maybe only t.A.T.u. fans will go watch.

I hope it at least gets the trailers played on TV and in the cinemas

on Wednesday, September 10th, coco said

Why would they screen it to Tatu-fans for market research? I would think that Tatu-fans have a bit different approach for the film than other movie-goers.

on Tuesday, September 9th, JuliaLenaFan said

That is so cool!!! XD I agree with you Ryan lol it's all good news! :D I can't wait for this movie to come out. I want it to come out in the U.S. already.

on Tuesday, September 9th, Ryan said

ahh its all good news all at once... :D im all smiles haha... i may hav a heart atack if thers anymore haha... i love u tatu xxx