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09/11/2008: "Lena on NRJ Energy Radio"

Source: Tatu.ru

Tomorrow, Sepember 11, the day before the amazing musical event Bacardi B-LIVE the main music act of the show – t.A.T.u. – will be the guests of ENERGY morning live show.

Time: 10-11 AM (Moscow time)
Place: 104,2 FM


Lena appeared on the radio without Yulia this morning. No reasons have been given for Yulia’s absence. The full translation will be posted if and when available. The audio and a short translation are below. Thanks to st@n_jad0m (tatu.ru) and forre (tatysite.net).

Download the interview (right-click, save as…)

1. She is not pregnant.
2. She doesn’t like shopping.
3. She doesn’t have tattoos because they don’t fit her but she likes seeing tattoos on another people.
4. Tomorrow they’ll sing both Russian and English songs from their new album.
5. t.A.T.u. doesn’t have an airplane.

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on Thursday, September 11th, Woah said

tatu DOESN'T HAVE AN AIRPLANE? Omgeezers, whutthehell.

on Thursday, September 11th, Robbert said

haha. im sorry amanda. i just didnt know. the only thing i keep track of in moscow is the time. lol. but yes. i hope so! its all new songs! a premier and the whole new albums live! woo hoo!

on Thursday, September 11th, Amanda said

Robbert, t.A.T.u. perform at the festival Bacardi B-LIVE in Moscow tomorrow, not on the radio – easy mistake! Some fans on the tatu.ru forum will be attending the festival, so we should expect material from them!

on Thursday, September 11th, Robbert said

ohh yeah. i have an airplane too. hah i wish! but by singing the new songs tomorrow, does that mean theyre singing them live on the radio? if so i have a download thing where i can download live media streams.

on Thursday, September 11th, Jenn said

Geez, even I have an airplane!