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09/27/2008: "Gallery Update: Mikhail Galustov photoshoot"

Source: Independent.co.uk, digitalrailroad.net

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on Sunday, September 28th, Amie said

Awh, even after all the hardships and confusions, Lena and Yulia still love each other unconditionally. :3

Yulia looks like she was never pregnant. o__O
Beautiful, as always. <333

on Sunday, September 28th, Jenn said

I'm calling PETA on Yulia's ass!

on Sunday, September 28th, Sabrina said

This Pics are great but Lena looks a bit wide on some pics, like someone had edit the pics.. o.O

Lg Sabrina

on Sunday, September 28th, Mike said

Lena always looks flawless, so no surprise there, hehe! But, whether or not Yulia's wearin' extensions, I'm really startin' to like her hair.