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11/01/2008: "Gallery Update: t.A.T.u. on Love Radio (10.31.08)"

Source: Loveradio.ru

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on Monday, November 3rd, Sabrina said

Wow wonderful pics! Yulia looks awesome *__*
Love her!!!

on Monday, November 3rd, tatyforever said

yulia's lips look ok again,maybe it was just a matter of the lip gloss she was wearing on the album presentation.

they both look sooo gorgeous!!!!!!!! i love them!!!!!!!

on Saturday, November 1st, JuliaLenaFan said

Awesome pics! XD they are both so beautiful, like always... Julia looks amazingly beautiful and Lena looks so lovely and beautiful as always! :D I love these girls!

on Saturday, November 1st, Dott said

I don't know. They seem a little puffy. I just can't help but wonder if she got some kind of augmentation done....or maybe just a slight punch in the lips by her son!
She's still so beautiful.

on Saturday, November 1st, Ryan said

YAY her lips r fine again heha so she didnt have sergury wupee