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11/15/2008: "Download: “Running Blind” demo"

Source: nfne.allmylove.org / allmylove.org

nfne has uploaded an exclusive demo of “Running Blind” from t.A.T.u.’s new album “Veselye Ulybki” with alternative lyrics. Click here to download the mp3 from nfne.allmylove.org – our exclusive server for nfne.


Never fall behind
People Running Blind
Can’t stop now
Can’t stop now

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on Wednesday, November 26th, Daniel said

well, I don't mind the accents too much either. Could you imagine how weird their songs would be without them?

LOL! Whenever I sing along, I CAN'T sing normally, and I always put on the accent.

It doesn't seem right without them

on Tuesday, November 25th, Ophelia said

Oh, and I personally like their little "English" flaws.
Their accents are gorgeous, there is no need to damage them for the fact that non-fans don't like it.

on Tuesday, November 25th, Ophelia said

...what happened to nfne's page?

I went on it and ALL of the files on there were missing.

I hope it's not permanent, I went to nfne's site all the time to get great remixes, acapellas, and demos on my iPod. :-/

on Thursday, November 20th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Here we go again...

on Monday, November 17th, DJ said

I'm sure they'll fix it up for the international album. Or at least, I hope they will. And "genna", I think you missed my/our point. We _are_ "over it". But non-fans won't be.

on Monday, November 17th, Robbert said

Plus I think this little exert will be put into live versions. Like when they did Sacrifice in St.Petersburg, that little part at the end was never in the end the,
Julia:"I will, I will, I will," Lena:" You will!"
I will sacrifice blah blah yeah. See my point? Or at the end of Show Me Love, the No No No One more time 1234 yeah. you have to remember what they dont use in the albums, will most likely be brought up in live versions.

on Monday, November 17th, Robbert said

You know, Running Blind isn't the only one they mess up in. Lena has her flaws ex.
Wanna see, who you are
Every inch, every scar
-But she says it,
honestly who you are
every itch every scar.
or im on the air but its really im in the air. But people, you have to remember. this isn't the international version like DJ said. The english album should be cleaned up alot more. Thus why we don't have it yet. It takes alot of time to perfect music and even then every song has its flaw. peace out and be happy we have the album =)

on Monday, November 17th, Natasha said

I don't expect non-fans of them to cut them some slack. I was just thinking the fans might, that's all. I guess it all depends where they were recording this album and if it was out of the US, you have to wonder how good everyone's English might have been.

I'm sorry if I came off as hostile or whiny, but that wasn't my intention at all.

on Sunday, November 16th, genna said

you guys are all so anal. i totally dig the way it is, get over it. OH MY GOD THE PRONUNCIATION KJDAHDJ! calm down. nice snippet though, nfne/aml

on Sunday, November 16th, DJ said

Exactly my point. The issue isn't about the dedicated fans cutting her some slack- it's that the rest of the world won't. I mean, the Rolling Stone review for '200 Km/h' ripped them to shreds for bad english back then, and Yulia seems to have gotten worse, if anything.

on Sunday, November 16th, coco said

It´s not about Yulia´s English skills. I don´t expect her to KNOW how "echoes" is being pronounced, I expect there to be someone to coach her and TELL HER how the words are pronounced correctly, so that mistakes like that wouldn´t occur.

Obviously they´ve had someone to do that before since the girls´ English sounded perfect in their previous albums, but now the Russian accent is very strong and pronounciation is sloppy. I think it would really pay off to hire a proper English teacher for the recording sessions! :)

on Sunday, November 16th, Natasha said

Most people know Yulia isn't very good at English so she does struggle sometimes. I noticed that thing with the "echoes" part, but you gotta cut her some slack. English is a very hard language to learn for foreigners, especially seeing that example there where a "ch" stands for a "k" sound.

on Sunday, November 16th, coco said

Yeah, what´s with the "ehoes"? They don´t have one person who knows little bit of English present at the recording sessions? Someone who could have said "eKKKKKhoes" to Yulia? I´m sure she can say the letter K. Pretty embarrasing it got in the final album version, they´re supposed to be professionals after all :S

on Saturday, November 15th, whilykitt said

ooh nice, i hope to someday hear the full virsion of it!

on Saturday, November 15th, DJ said

These lyrics were fine, but they probably should have gotten rid of the word "echoes" and changed that line, since Yulia can't say it at all, and that unfortunately won't fly for the international album.

on Saturday, November 15th, coco said

Shame that didn´t get in the final version, I liked it.