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11/17/2008: "Gallery Update: Elle Style Awards [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

t.A.T.u. attended “Elle Style Awards” in Moscow, Russia on November 15th, 2008. t.A.T.u. wore designer clothes from Marc Jacobs’ “Marc By Marc” fall-winter collection. We have uploaded 44 exclusive HQs from the event to our gallery. Enjoy!

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on Tuesday, November 25th, Ophelia said

No offense...
But in one of the pictures...Yulia looks so much like paula abdul.

Oh god.

on Tuesday, November 18th, K said

Lena's hair looks bad but not bad like Yulia's lips. Yikes.

on Tuesday, November 18th, Dott said

Wow, Lena looks divine! Can't say the same for Yulia.
Why'd she have to go and ruin her perfect face...It's such a shame...She used to be so beautiful. Now all I see when I look at her is lips, lips, lips.
I just hope she doesn't wind up looking like Melanie Griffith or Peter Burns.

on Tuesday, November 18th, coco said

Haha, the outfits are killer. I thought Lena looks like a doll too!

Shame about Yul´s lips. She has a pretty young face, why ruin it with collagen or whatever that is...?

on Tuesday, November 18th, Shane-Antigone said

I think both of them look really beautiful. I like Lena's hair, she looks like a doll.

on Monday, November 17th, Ali said

Everyone's bashing Yulia, but I gotta say Lena's hair looks really stupid.

on Monday, November 17th, DJ said

I like Yulia's outfit, but oh man that lipstick. And Lena, unfortunately, just has way too much going on for one outfit. It's the bold dress, the big bag, the red lipstick, and the weird (sorry, but it is) hair.

on Monday, November 17th, Lauren said

Yulia's lips are hideous.

on Monday, November 17th, R said

Yulia has just... hrmmm. I always liked Lena the best anyway so I guess it doesn't matter.

Speaking of Lena, that hair makes her look like Princess Leia :D

on Monday, November 17th, TweekFan said

Nice lips Yul. :D[/sarcasm]
Otherwise the pictures are great.