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11/17/2008: "Gallery Update: Yulia at Royal Bar [HQ]"

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on Friday, November 21st, Ali said

Why is everyone flipping out about Yulia's lips? She still rocks! And it's not affecting anyone's life but her own ,so cool your jets!

on Friday, November 21st, Jenn said

I wear that lip shit all the time! Yulia knows what's up.

on Friday, November 21st, Shane-Antigone said

If she wants to get work done on her lips, who cares? Shes still an amazing singer, shes still beautiful.

on Wednesday, November 19th, DJ said

Part of me hopes she's just wearing the kind of lipgloss/lipstick that irritates your lips and makes them puff up to look bigger... but it really does look like she had work done. It's so sad, really- she was so pretty before, but she's really not rocking this overprocessed look. The tan, the lips, the beaten-into-submission hair, and the pancake makeup are just too much. This is a girl who really doesn't seem happy with herself.

on Monday, November 17th, genna said

those liiiiiips ughhhh