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12/01/2008: "New layout"

We have a new main layout, please let us know what you think of it in the comments! We are still in the process of changing file extensions in our archive and pages, so some images and links may not appear right away, sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks to Kat for the layout and Gabriel for the image mapping.

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on Thursday, December 18th, fernando said

Congrats, Amanda. This new layout is amazing and so beautiful. :)

on Thursday, December 18th, byvfryjv said

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on Sunday, December 7th, Rosetta said

I think it's nice.

on Friday, December 5th, Fanatka said

OMG... Very awesome background!

on Thursday, December 4th, Lauren said

It literally looks like piss. I hate the graphic, but love the coding.

on Wednesday, December 3rd, Joy said

Looks Very Good I Love It!!!

on Wednesday, December 3rd, Sabrina said

Wow great Layout. I LOVE IT!
Lg Sabrina

on Tuesday, December 2nd, Vicente said

Congrats Amanda for the new desing!

on Tuesday, December 2nd, DJ said

Love it. Very D&M.

on Tuesday, December 2nd, genna said

im not digging the mustard yellow, and whoever was talking about the squished lettering was right, most noob fansites squish shit together. this is kinda like, a downgrade.

on Tuesday, December 2nd, Amyy said

Wow! it looks amazing =DD Great job!!

on Tuesday, December 2nd, Only-t.A.T.u. [Agustina] said

This is good!!! I like the new look!!!!
And kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina

on Tuesday, December 2nd, Bree said

Love the new layout and the colors!

on Tuesday, December 2nd, coco said

FINALLY a new layout :D Thank you for that!

You asked for my opinion, well, itīs a nice change but not really any better than the previous one. Graphics are still mediocre but whatīs worst the titles are now difficult to read since they are so squeezed and donīt stand out, and thatīs a sign of bad design. Sorry for the nagging, but I love your site and I wish the layout would match the professionalism of the content :)

on Tuesday, December 2nd, Max said

Great one!

allmylove.org is the best :D

on Tuesday, December 2nd, IraN t.A.T.u said

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on Tuesday, December 2nd, liz said

me likey!

on Tuesday, December 2nd, Beyza said

wow! beautyful!

greetz beyza

on Tuesday, December 2nd, Matthews said

It looks great, really.

on Tuesday, December 2nd, tATurocks said

hey love the new layout gonna take some getting used to though but still love it thanks for working to brighten up the girls page xxxxx

on Tuesday, December 2nd, tatyforever said

it's a nice work!! i like it so much!! thank you for your hard job!!!

on Tuesday, December 2nd, elise said

wow the new layout looks amazing Amanda! Well done to everyone who contributed, fantastic work!