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12/18/2008: "Gallery Update: Neposedy party (12.17.08)"

Source: Photoxpress.ru

Yulia Volkova and Parviz Yasinov attended a children’s event presented by “Neposedy” with 4-year-old daughter Victoria “Vika” Volkova. These are the first photos seen of Victoria “Vika” Volkova since her birth in 2004.

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on Wednesday, December 24th, Amanda said

sddf, can you please specify the date and event? I have a large photo and video collection and do not recall Vika being shown at a concert.

on Wednesday, December 24th, sddf said

thats not true, once vika was shown by julia in a concert

on Saturday, December 20th, TaTyTu said

OMG!! she's very beautiful !!

on Friday, December 19th, Beyza said

Pleeease answer me! Let us be Affliates! D
greetz beyza

on Friday, December 19th, Ryan said

OMG soooooo adorable... you can c she has julias looks aswell as julias mum. hehe aww maybe Vika will take over julias place in tatu when they get older ;) now lena needs a child and then her kid can b in the group aswell :P

on Friday, December 19th, tatyforever said

wow!!!vika is as beautiful as her mom!!!but that was easy to predict,don't forget her mom is yulia volkova!!!!

on Thursday, December 18th, Jenn said

Oh my goodness! She looks just like Yulia.

on Thursday, December 18th, benny said

wow she looks amazing!!vika is so cute

on Thursday, December 18th, liz said

cute kid...but where's her son?