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03/03/2009: "t.A.T.u. in blacksquare magazine"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

Lena Katina: Faces, emotions, extream tension... I started to cry when I saw this painting for the first time. Why were they panished this way? I've seen it back when I was at school, but to this very day it makes me shiver. Cruel, "creepy" story, which evokes compassion...

Yulia Volkova: Well honestly, I feel quite cool towards paintings and arts in general.

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on Monday, March 9th, guillermo! said

it doesn`t mean anything! we love her so much as lena! only she decided to put botoox! maybe she tought she will be more beautiful! and she is as same lena! we are her fans an we love her! i think she is having a life with her family!
we must admit! she is not a teenanger anymor! she broke her paper which used to said "you yulia must be the paper guy so you have your hair cut!"that was a time! now we have to face up how tatu is it!

on Saturday, March 7th, coco said

Yup, she´s weird, but who cares. She does things exactly her way.

on Saturday, March 7th, jenn said

Yeah, but don't forget she has a family too. As much as t.A.T.u. affects her life, she still has a personal life. Also, the whole botox thing doesn't bother me. If someone I know wants to get a botox, whatever. Do it.

on Saturday, March 7th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Well, look how long its been since she posted a diary entry. I guess that shows what she thinks about our comments. =(

on Friday, March 6th, Jenn said

I wonder what Yulia thinks about us right now. lmao.

on Friday, March 6th, guillermo said

amanda! i come from argentina and that forum i don`t know how i can publish! on there if you can put steps by steps how i can do that I`ll be glad! really i wish they can sing it! pleace if you want to see on of my lyrics giveme your email! thanks for the suggestion!! i `ll be waiting for an answer!
pd: yulia olevogna volkova will realice her mistakes, about her lips! early o later!
we have to hold her up!

on Friday, March 6th, Me said

t.A.T.u. could use some more activity, too.

on Friday, March 6th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

I haven't registered for the forum yet... >_>

I guess it could use some more activity.

on Thursday, March 5th, jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn said

I agree, Sofia. I also agree that ALL YOU ASSHOLES GET BACK ON THE AML FORUMS NOW! You can talk all you want about Yulia there!

on Thursday, March 5th, Sofia said

Yes, that painting also evoked emotion for me.. I wonder what is it about?

I don't know. Everyone is talking about Julia's lips, her eyebrows- "This looks bad etc" but her choices are her own. I think it's important that she feels good about herself. Maybe she'll change her mind about changing her image so severely, maybe she won't. It's her choice- and she's still the same creative lovely Yulia underneath. I'm happy with her if she's happy with her- you know? But it's really not my business.


on Thursday, March 5th, maybe it's jenn said

awww poor Yulz. I love her though. <3

on Thursday, March 5th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Is it just me, or does it seem like Yulia is in hiding until the botox wears off? The official website seems to be avoiding showing any post-botox pictures... >_>

That's actually my only problem with t.A.T.u. at the moment. Things would be fine if Yulia would stop trying to Americanize herself, and just be the gorgeous Russian that she really is.

on Wednesday, March 4th, Jenn said

I've been making fun of t.A.T.u. for years, but for some reason they will always be my girls. I love them very much, but I DO have opinions and sometimes a sense of humor. It's kind of like my relationship with my best friend. We love eachother to death but we know neither of us are perfect so we tease eachother, sometimes behind eachother's backs. I think people are complicated.

on Wednesday, March 4th, uh oh! said

i think the fans are actually starting to dislike tatu it seems....and i dont know if they're really "tatu" any more. they're just two women, who are pretty to look at, singing about...i dont even know anymorez. :[ oh well.

Do u think they would still be good if Ivan was around as Manager??

on Wednesday, March 4th, masha said

I dunno, there might be something to that. Lena still looks good, but Yulia seems to get progressively scarier. If you look at the early ATTSS pictures and what not, Yulia was adorable. Now she just looks like any other Russian bimbo on the streets.

on Wednesday, March 4th, Maggy pie said

Well, it really shows there are no grey areas in Tatu XD

Ok, Julia is Julia, but quite honestly, Lena sounds a bit pretentious to me. "I started to cry"? Oh please, how likely is that! Just because you say you cried when you saw the painting doesn´t make you sound any more soulful or intellectual, it makes you sound ridicuolous.

on Wednesday, March 4th, jenn said

Do you think Yulia considers botox as art?

on Tuesday, March 3rd, t.A.T.u. Boy said

"Me" is so mean. TnT

on Tuesday, March 3rd, Me said

That's because Yulia's main concern is how much plastic she can shove into her face.

on Tuesday, March 3rd, Jenn said