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03/07/2009: "New layout"

We have uploaded a new layout to our website, featuring the Dorogoye Udovolstviye photoshoot. Please let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks to Innuendo Designs for the design. P.S. We will be uploading a new gallery layout soon as well.

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on Wednesday, March 11th, Guillermo! said

yes i have but if i put my msn here everybody will get it and will cheat me make me believe that the person who could add me is you! amanda. so in wihc place i can do !
ok lets i believe on you!


on Tuesday, March 10th, Amanda said

Guillermo, do you have MSN, Y!M, or AIM? We can talk there.

on Tuesday, March 10th, guillermo! said

amanda when or when i can talk with you! now i`ve loged in your page. tell i want to talk wiht you! kises
from argentina! saludos!

on Tuesday, March 10th, Amanda said

Zhenya contacted me by e-mail and said that she liked the new layout as well! :)

on Tuesday, March 10th, tatyforever said

really cool!!!! i like it so much!!! keep going on with the good work!!!!

on Tuesday, March 10th, Laya said

wow Amanda , so cool ! :D Gray , white and black .. adorable ! I love these modern colors for layouts ! wish you all the best ..

on Tuesday, March 10th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

I didn't even pay attention to the reflection effects until you pointed them out. XD

Very cool!

on Monday, March 9th, jenn said

Oh, and one more thing about the layout! I really like how the "buttons" on the top of the page reflect when you drag the mouse over them.

on Monday, March 9th, jenn said

They're both mad sexy. Damn you sexy Russians!

on Monday, March 9th, Sofia said

Wow! I really like this one. The colors look really good and the pictures are lovely. It seems to flow much better than the previous one. Good job!


on Monday, March 9th, guillermo! said

it`s great! how the page is it!

on Monday, March 9th, M!KE said

This is definately a keeper... not to sound rude, but I've never liked the layouts before... YAY MAJOR for this one!!!

on Monday, March 9th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Jenn, Lena ALWAYS looks good. Its just that she looks even better there. :P
It seems the only person who can top Lena's sexiness is Lena. XD

Yulia comes pretty close sometimes though... >_>

on Sunday, March 8th, alsbouvier@hotmail.com said

WOOOOW, GREAT DESIGNE, I LOVE IT!!!, Congratulations Amanda!

on Sunday, March 8th, kasimir said

Hey! It's great ^0^ the last one was only "very good". so: thumbs up!

on Sunday, March 8th, Kiki said

It beautiful !!! like the colors....but its kinda small. :P i like big full on wow. but its pretty tho !

on Sunday, March 8th, jenn said

God, Lena looks good!

on Sunday, March 8th, Elise said

Wow this layout is gorgeous! So fresh and new :D

on Sunday, March 8th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Very nice! I liked the last one too, but this is better.

on Saturday, March 7th, JuliaLenaFan said

Very awesome layout! :D when I saw it, my eyes just poped out lol!

Very creative! I love it! XD Great job!

on Saturday, March 7th, Agus00 said

Hey Amanda, very nice work, Congratulations!!!! xD, i like it so much this new desing, see ya and bye.


on Saturday, March 7th, Me said

This is so much better. Probably my fav u have had on here.

on Saturday, March 7th, Vicente said

Very good layout Amanda! also i like that photoshoot :)

on Saturday, March 7th, Kayla said

I really like it! its pretty <3

on Saturday, March 7th, Anu said

woot no yellow ! :D

beautiful ! (:

on Saturday, March 7th, coco said

I think Im starting to forgive, but it may take some time :D

on Saturday, March 7th, Amanda said

Coco, lol, I know. I'm *so* sorry for the past 2 layouts.

on Saturday, March 7th, coco said

*sigh* Much, much better. The previous was a mess.

on Saturday, March 7th, Yulia'sFan said

The layout is amazingly cool.
Love the colors and all.
Great work! ;)

on Saturday, March 7th, So, said

I think I liked the old one better.

on Saturday, March 7th, Mike said

Sexual new layout <3 It's AMAZING :D

on Saturday, March 7th, TweekFan said

The layout is sexy. :P
It's a general new feel and really unique.
It fits with the site and fits the mood well. :)