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03/10/2009: "Gallery Update: “Australia” Movie Premiere [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

We have uploaded exclusive HQ photos from the “Australia” movie premiere on February 10th, 2009.

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on Monday, March 16th, Marte said

Omg omg omg , Yulia was so beautiful when she was young :):):)

on Monday, March 16th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Yeah, I forgot to mention her skin. :P
Her skin was amazing before!

It really seems like she's trying to look like a California girl, or something. I mean, she's orange with plastic lips!

I know Yulia likes to shake things up, and that what she does with her body is obviously up to her, but I just wish she would appreciate her natural look more.

on Sunday, March 15th, Colettio said

yeah, i agree with Sofia

on Sunday, March 15th, Sofia said

I really liked Yulia's old look too. I thought she looked really smashing with short hair like it was. I loved her boyish look and pale skin


on Friday, March 13th, liz said

you other brothas can't deny :)

on Friday, March 13th, guillermo! said

I agree with Boy!

on Friday, March 13th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Hmm, people are mentioning Yulia's old "boyish" look. Personally, I thought it was pretty sexy. Not every woman can pull off short hair the way that Yulia can.


Of course, the t.A.T.u. girls would look great even if they were bald... >_>

on Thursday, March 12th, HadkoreGoes said

Thank you so much, Amanda, for upload this pictures in very high Quality!

on Thursday, March 12th, olka said

finally! some more pictures! I think she looks great c:

on Thursday, March 12th, guillermo! said

i prefer the older version of yulia for me it was more sexy! and now is sexy too but she have to change her way of comb her hair

on Thursday, March 12th, tabestoon said

7 star

on Thursday, March 12th, jenn said

How can someone NOT get that reference? lol.

on Thursday, March 12th, phoenix said

hey guys.... yulia now lookes like a totally female....!!!!!
when she was young.. she was like boys..!!
and now she is a girl

we should support her if we really love her

go yulia .... gooo..!!

on Thursday, March 12th, coco said

*high five* :D

on Thursday, March 12th, Amanda said

I like big lips and I can not lie! ;-)

on Thursday, March 12th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

ROFL, Coco officially wins teh internetz.=)
I'm not sure how many people around here are going to get that reference.

On that note, I certainly wouuldn't mind if Yulia's butt were a bit bigger. Her rump just can't compete with Lena's. >_>

on Wednesday, March 11th, Me said

OMG It's Russian Barbie... oh no that's just Plastic Yulia.

on Wednesday, March 11th, jenn said

I have a rat named Coco! She is hairless.

Also, Yulia looks like a totally different person now. I'm not complaining about it or calling her out, but it's funny. It's like she comes from a totally different race!

on Wednesday, March 11th, coco said

O-M-G! BECKY, LOOK AT HER LIPS! THEY ARE SO BIG! she looks like one of those rap guys´ girl friends. But y´know who undertsands those rap guys. They only talk to her ´cuz she looks like a total prostitute, ´kay? I mean her lips, they are just so BIG. Can´t believe they´re just so round, they´re like out there, I mean - gross.

on Wednesday, March 11th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Comment about lips in 3...2...1...