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03/15/2009: "New gallery layout"

We have uploaded a new layout to our photo gallery, featuring the Dorogoye Udovolstviye photoshoot. Please let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks to Apricotsky Designs for the design.

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on Tuesday, March 24th, Jamaica said

Love the new layout! Keep up the awesome work, Panda. :)

on Thursday, March 19th, ATL said

Oh, I Love this design!
Great Gallery!

on Tuesday, March 17th, i said


on Monday, March 16th, Sofia said

This is nice! Love them colorsss >D

I like it a lot. It's a good change

on Monday, March 16th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

I don't think I can say it any better than Mike did. =)

on Sunday, March 15th, Only-t.A.T.u. Agustina said

Wuau!! I like this new layout!!
Bye bye!
Good Lucky!!!

on Sunday, March 15th, Mike said

ooo, Orgasmic <3