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03/19/2009: "t.A.T.u. blacksquare magazine photos"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

The photo blog has uploaded new photos from behind the scenes of “Blacksquare” magazine.

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on Thursday, March 26th, Sofia said

Ohh, pretty. I love that solo pic of Lena. Goddd she is lovely. Her hair!

Did Yulia cut her hair short again or did she just take extensions out? I think she always looked best with short hair :3

on Tuesday, March 24th, tatufan said

How could you say such a thing Yuila and Lean are both very Beautiful....there is no need for Yulia to cover her mouth she's beautiful!!!

on Thursday, March 19th, Me said

Lena is so pretty. She's just a natural beauty.
I'm glad Yulia is covering her mouth. No one needs a close up of that.

on Thursday, March 19th, Elise said

I loooove loooove loooove the picture of Lena. She never ceases to amaze with her beauty.