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03/19/2009: "Yulia Volkova’s solo career"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Tatu.ru forum member Dianita / yulialena21 met with Yulia Volkova and Parviz Yasinov on Feburary 24th, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Yulia revealed that she plans to start a solo career in the United States, but she will continue her career with t.A.T.u. and release the upcoming international album and movie. Edit: This news was confirmed by blog.tatu.ru.

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on Sunday, March 22nd, Zephro aka Ryan said

Well all I will say is that of all talents I think Yulia is wonderful at the piano.

I am not going to make a fuss though like everyone else is. It's her life, and only hers.

on Saturday, March 21st, t.A.T.u. Boy said

When t.A.T.u. were more active, a lot of the "news" consisted of rumour nonsense. Many of those rumours were about Lena starting a solo career. I guess its Yulia's turn now.

on Friday, March 20th, jenn said

Hmm...Yulia having a solo career. I wonder what her music would sound like? As much as I love how devoted she and Lena are to t.A.T.u., I admit I'm interested.

(GOD! I'm so glad to hear some new t.A.T.u. news. Even if they are just rumours.)

on Friday, March 20th, colettio said

i agree with the first comment down there --v

on Friday, March 20th, Amanda said

Yulia responded to paparazzi.ru: “Actually, I really want to start a solo career, but this in no way should interfere with my active involvement in t.A.T.u. Even I can not suggest where there were rumors about the breakup of t.A.T.u. You tell me first, who is that [Lady Gaga]? No, I have not recorded a duet with anyone, it is all gossip – furthermore, I already have a duet with Lena.”

Source: http://www.paparazzi.ru/blogs/posts/149927.html

on Friday, March 20th, Renzo said

I actually meant the contrary thinh... But I agree, it's not a SMART move...

on Friday, March 20th, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Not being like Spears or GaGa isn't a bad thing. =P
I agree that it would be a stupid move by Yulia though.

Me: "She can't speak English, can't sing live and she has a plastic face."

^So, you're saying she would be like every other American pop artist? XD

on Friday, March 20th, Renzo said

OMG!!! Yulia's leaving?! Just kiddin'... I think she won't be on a solo career for long, at least not in America, she's not what the US or the rest of America is looking for right now, I mean she's definitely not like Spears or GaGa or any other mainstream pop artist, I might be wrong though. IMO, she better stick to t.A.T.u.!

on Thursday, March 19th, Alysha said

No way she cant leave they have to stick together Yulia what are you thinking...its you and Lean or its nothing

on Thursday, March 19th, Angie said

So in other words...the same stuff we've been hearing for like, ever?

on Thursday, March 19th, Me said

Good riddance. It's not like t.A.T.u. do anything as it is and I doubt she will get anywhere. She can't speak English, can't sing live and she has a plastic face. Not really a great fresh new U.S. artist.