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03/20/2009: "Gallery Update: Serge Golovach (03.20.09)"

Source: Golovach.info

Lena Katina’s portrait by Serge Golovach from his latest photo exhibition “Your health in your hands”.

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on Friday, March 27th, Marte said

Lena is so beautiful! :D I love her hair , it's very beautiful

on Tuesday, March 24th, Jamaica said

Lena is awesome.

on Saturday, March 21st, Satan said

Nah, I like German trannies.

on Saturday, March 21st, Amanda said

I always thought Satan would be more into Russian lesbians.

on Saturday, March 21st, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Wow, even God likes the picture.

on Friday, March 20th, god. said

this picture is fucking great.

on Friday, March 20th, jenn said

I seriously think there is some Benjamin Button shit going on here. She just gets hotter and hotter.

on Friday, March 20th, guillermo! said

i preferr lena hear style whe she was 18 it has low vulumen.
it was shorter

on Friday, March 20th, Lauren said

It's great to see her cute smile!

on Friday, March 20th, jenn said

GOD I love Lena Katina.

on Friday, March 20th, Yulia'sFan said

Beautiful picture! Lena looks gorgeous here and I love the black/white atmosphere! <3

on Friday, March 20th, Mike said

Leeeena <3
looking amazing as usual :3