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03/21/2009: "New Insider blog"

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I don’t know where the yellow press got their news about “Yulia leaves t.A.T.u.” from, but this time those news are not totally groundless. Yulia does not leave t.A.T.u. but something did really happen.

What is going to happen to t.A.T.u.?
First, we will close all our “open items”, i.e. we’ll release the third video as it was promised, at the end of March – beginning of April, girls will do their part in promo campaign for “You and I” movie, which is being late on schedule due to circumstances beyond our command, but which is to be released surely.

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on Thursday, March 26th, Angie said

Pos boo.

on Tuesday, March 24th, Jamaica said

Although I was a bit saddened by the news, I'm curious to see how all this pans out. Things may seem a lot crazy now, but I'm sure in time, things will fall into place. I'm just hoping for the best, both for their individual careers and the fate of the group.

on Tuesday, March 24th, tatyforever said

this is really sad news!!!!!i'm so sad right now!!! i will support their solo careers because i love them but i'm gonna miss t.a.t.u. so much!!!they had some kind of magic when they were together on stage.
we're gonna miss you,tatugirls!!!! thank you for these years of wonderful music!!!! you changed my life with ATTSS and i will never forget you!!!you'll always have a place deep inside my heart!!!!
T.A.T.U. FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on Monday, March 23rd, Torpe said


on Monday, March 23rd, Torpe said

This is realy sad news, I will never get to see them live...I have been a fan since 2002 when someone at my school played ATTSS, and back then I was 12 years old! And it just changed everything for me...And every song has it's own special place in me!

And when people ask what kind of music I like, then I'll tell them that my favorit music is tATu, and they might teas me when I say that...but I dont mind! And I show them some of the songs and they change their mind too...How can you not relate to tATu's music there is so much feelings and thougts in their songs! What am I'm going to look forword to now? No more tATu? It just breaks my hart... this is sad news! Maby no more tATu cd's and songs to look forword to...Crying here:(

on Monday, March 23rd, Brandon(t.A.T.u. Boy) said

^I'm sick of that fake name.

Anyway, its not like t.A.T.u. is REALLY dead, ya' know? I'm guessing that its gonna be a sort of on-and-off kinda thing now. Yulia said that its going to be like Fergie and the BEPs, and that seems pretty likely to me.

on Sunday, March 22nd, Mia said

Oh, I'm shocked and I'm sad. But I will support their solo careers.

Ne Zhaley...

on Sunday, March 22nd, colettio said

i only live twenty minutes away from Jen :) ---v

And i agree with Lauren saying their careers have been over for awhile.

Kinda sad.but now that they're not 'gay' what do they have to sing about anymore??

bye Yulya & Lena...we miss the old yous!!!

on Sunday, March 22nd, jenn said

Yeah, I've always wanted to see them live BUUUUUUT I doubt I'd see them anywhere near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

on Sunday, March 22nd, devilhina said

I never saw them in concert because I became a fan in 2005, and they never came to France after that. It's like a dream which will never come true...I'll miss them... t.A.T.u. Forever!

on Sunday, March 22nd, Luna said

Shes a mother for god sakes, are we supposed to have every moment of her attention when her kids need it more than us. I think we can live without Yulia blogging for awhile.

on Sunday, March 22nd, Angeles said

Please, TATUONLY.DO.AM dresses and sign so that t.A.T.u. make a farewell tour

on Sunday, March 22nd, jenn said

wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow. That's a lot of hard hitting news! I don't believe this is the last of t.A.T.u., though. Of course there will be long breaks, solo projects. Stuff happens.

on Sunday, March 22nd, JuliaLenaFan said

:( this is really sad news. I can't believe that t.A.T.u. will be no more.

I am excited to see what the girls will come up w/their solo careers, but sad that we will no longer see them singing together anymore. :(

This is terribly sad but they will still coantinue being my fave. girls and group! ^^ t.A.T.u. will keep living on! They have given us many great things to look foward to. They will always be my favorite band.


on Sunday, March 22nd, Elise said

Looks like the time has finally come. I hoped it never would, but inside I knew it'd have to someday. I'm excited to hear what solo stuff the girls come up with though. End of an era :(

on Sunday, March 22nd, t.A.T.u. Boy said

Dammit, I was hoping I would be the first person to compare Parviz to Yoko Ono! >:(
I don't know, the guy just seems really suspicious to me. I mean, look at what happened to his other Wife!

What a crappy day this is.

on Saturday, March 21st, Hilary said

this made me cut myself. I have depression and when I feel bad, tatu is what I turn to. Now what do I do?

on Saturday, March 21st, Sofia said

Yeah, I really wish they kept in contact with us more- it is really cool to hear from them!

Tatu has changed a lot over all those years together. I love their music but I feel like they've been dwindling a bit anyway. I really wish I could have seen a concert. I think it sucks that they don't tour any more.
But as easy as it is to criticize, I forgot that I don't really know these girls. I don't know what having a band together like they do is like. I sure there were a lot of factors involved and they didn't mean to BETRAAAAY us fans like it may seem. I don't know Parviz. If Yulia is happy with him, good for them. I don't know if he had anything to do with the band breaking up, but Yulia has a family now. She can take more time to raise her kids now, maybe. That would be nice.
Change can be good! But I will always miss tatu. Something tells me I will be listening to a lot of 200KMH soon xD
Goood times

on Saturday, March 21st, Lauren said

Their careers went down the drain a long time ago.

on Saturday, March 21st, Mike said

" They are probably so busy that they have no time to blog. "

Erm... doing what exactly? Look at Britney Spears, being one of the busiest pop stars atm, traveling and flying all over for her current Circus tour yet she leaves little messages to her fans at least once a week telling us she is excited for a show that night or something like that... Yulia hasn't blogged to us in about a year... There is no excuse for that. She obviously doesn't care so why should we care?

All I have to say Is finally. I'm glad they have told us instead of dragging us around even longer (They have known this was the fate of the band for a few months... why they made us sit around thinking everything was fine is beyond me.)

on Saturday, March 21st, Luna said

I'm sure there is going to be a day in the future when they would like to work together again. They've been doing t.A.T.u. since 1999 and I'm sure they need a creative break from each other. They are probably so busy that they have no time to blog. I'm surprised you people would say they don't care about us. They've entertained us for years, they've brought people together and I started learning Russian because of them and they taught me to be interested in what happens in other countries and what their culture and entertainment is like. What, are they married or joined at the hip? Should they never walk out the door without each other again. Breathe! If we really are their fans we will support them no matter what. I'm actually looking forward to hearing their voices separately and seeing how their solo careers turn out! and Parviz is probably not the reason why they broke up, yulia is happy with him, don't go down so hard on the guy. Its just a moment for them to journey out into the big wide world of show business and see what its like on their own. I wish them the best of luck and hope everything turns out ok for them and I'll be cheering for them :)

on Saturday, March 21st, tatu fan said

My tatu world has come to a end!!! i feel empity inside :( :(
please come back

on Saturday, March 21st, tatu fan said

i really dont know what to say but WTF...i thought with the new album and the movie that they were going to start touring soon with Happy Smiles i thought this was going to to big things 4them...but i guess not i dont think they will do so well with out eachother i mean thier always together and when they go on tour they will jsut feel lonley... i hope they get back together one day and tour againg ppl want to see Yulia and Lena together not apart
tatu 4ever xx :(

on Saturday, March 21st, HadkoreGoes said

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on Saturday, March 21st, your mom said

finally. its not like they were doing anything before. and uo kinda sucked. a lot.

on Saturday, March 21st, liz said

parviz: the next yoko ono!

on Saturday, March 21st, Sofia said

Aah! What?!

But, I guess it would happen some day. It was inevitable- but I'm glad they are going to release some more some together first. I look forward to hearing from their independent new projects! But I will always like t.a.t.u! At first I was mad and now I think I'm looking forward to some new stuff. I wish the movie would hurry up!

As much as I HATE to hear it from someone else than the girls themselves, I wish them the best of luck and I hope it turns out great!

on Saturday, March 21st, Diamond said

Melanie is soooo righ! people were sad because when Parviz was dating that other chick...what's her face? masha. They say he broke up the band she was in.
Now, Parviz has struck again...

on Saturday, March 21st, Kiwi said

Am I the only one who's excited for Lena's solo work? I love tATu, I always have and always will, but I've always loved Lena's voice more... this isn't the end of the world.

on Saturday, March 21st, Alex said

WTF!?!?!?!?!? Worst day ever!

on Saturday, March 21st, Melanie said

I honestly don't even know what to say. As much as people don't want to point fingers, things went downhill when Yulia started dating Parviz.

on Saturday, March 21st, Sean Reddie said

Depressed, cutdown, what can I say? TaTy is no more, its gone, all of it, broken down.
All I can say is that they have helped me grow up in this cruel life, I love them, forever will, and I will support their solo careers, but what to do now?
Im buying both versions of HS and then to Lena's singles and albums, then to Yulia's singles and albums.
Big hugs to all t.A.T.u. fans, we have all been disheartened.

on Saturday, March 21st, Flo said

Wow, I didn't expect that! I thought they had a break and then would finish the recording of their English album and go on tour, but they won't. I guess that's it. I never get to see them in reality. I mean as t.A.T.u.! Who knows what'll happen to Katina and Volkova as solo artists.

You and I - Say Good Bye!

on Saturday, March 21st, Diamond said

So there is a point to the song "Ne zhaley"

on Saturday, March 21st, João Teles said

i am so sad, because my fav band of all time is now over, but i will alyas love .t.A.T.u., always and 4EVER, and i will continue to support them in their solo careers.
I Will always love .t.A.T.u. always and 4EVER!

on Saturday, March 21st, kot said

devastated like me

on Saturday, March 21st, sebas said

OMG!!!!!! this is so sad.. t.A.T.u. is over

on Saturday, March 21st, liz said

can we say "a behind the music" episode?

on Saturday, March 21st, coco said

"Parties had unanimously decided to cease the operation of t.A.T.u. in full-time mode"

^Well, I wouldn´t call that GREAT news...

Nice to see once again how eager LENA AND YULIA are to communicate with their fans. I mean isn´t it rather silly we´re all so excited about them while they don´t bother to write one sentence in person to us all, even about such news that will leave many fans devastated? Is it this band they don´t care about or is it just us? I´m really dissapointed by their behaviour and this whole "project" where the actual band members are just supporting actors.

on Saturday, March 21st, dushkucalling said

Great news! I hope everythings will be ok.