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03/23/2009: "Gallery Update: Yulia’s meeting with fans [HQ]"

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on Thursday, March 26th, Sofia said

You know, I don't think she looks so bad in those pictures. We should probably stop criticizing her... but whyyyy did she tan so much? I think it had adverse effects for her skin. Also, is her eyeliner permanent?

She was so naturally pretty. All these harsh changes really made a different look. But her choices are her own, and I respect that.

I really don't think her lips look bad in these pictures. They look way better than they did.

on Thursday, March 26th, Brandon said

Wow, God's son comes here too!

on Wednesday, March 25th, christ said

christ, those lips need to go away.

on Wednesday, March 25th, Brandon said

"Me" actually makes a good point. It seems like Yulia either has self confidence issues, or someone is influencing her to get these things...*cough*Parviz*cough*

on Tuesday, March 24th, tatufan said

Yulia really dosnt need to do any work 2her face...she has always had a wondful face so soft looking and such a cute smile!!! why would she want work done on such a thing

on Tuesday, March 24th, masha said

She looks a LOT older than she is.

on Tuesday, March 24th, Brandon(t.A.T.u. Boy) said

^I'll put that name there a few more times at least.

Anyway, maybe it was Parviz who wanted her to get the operations? I just don't trust that guy... >_>

on Monday, March 23rd, Me said

It makes me a bit sad lookin at her face now. She looks like a different person; a plastic person. She must have very low self confidence to keep doing these things to herself. So pitiful.