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03/24/2009: "t.A.T.u.’s skin for iGoogle"

Source: Tatu.ru

t.A.T.u. created their skin for iGoogle. To add the theme to your iGoogle homepage, click the button “add it now” and refresh the page.

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on Friday, March 27th, Marte said

Cool, I used it

on Thursday, March 26th, Sofia said

Ahh, I don't use skins but this is lovely! NOT retarded news. This is nice. I like any news, really.

Makes me wish I used skins.


on Thursday, March 26th, Brandon said

Aww... =(

on Wednesday, March 25th, jenn said

I would fancy Google on my computer with this skin, but everyone else in my house would find it lame. :p

on Wednesday, March 25th, Brandon(t.A.T.u. Boy) said

Not nearly as retarded as you.

on Wednesday, March 25th, tatu fan said

this is retarded news