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03/25/2009: "Icon update"

Source: allmylove.org

We have uploaded 20 new t.A.T.u. icons to our icon archive made by Angie and I. We currently have the largest t.A.T.u. icon archive with over 600 exclusive icons. If you would like to submit your t.A.T.u. icons, please e-mail us at contact[at]allmylove.org.

Preview for Amanda’s icons:

Preview for Angie’s icons:

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Replies: 6 Comments

on Thursday, March 26th, Sofia said

Ahhh, pretty.

I love the icons you guys make!

on Wednesday, March 25th, Amanda said

Luna, the "I can't let you go" icon is from the shooting of the Polchasa/30 Minutes video. All of the photos in these icons are exclusive. And I am glad that you guys like the icons, I just wanted to upload something that revives the t.A.T.u. memory. :D

on Wednesday, March 25th, jenn said

Old school t.A.T.u. icons! <3

on Wednesday, March 25th, luna said

what photoshoot is the
i can't let you go icon from?, its so cute!

on Wednesday, March 25th, beyza said


on Wednesday, March 25th, Yulia'sFan said

Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic! I <3 them.