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03/26/2009: "Tatu.ru “Snegopady” competition"

Source: Tatu.ru

Guys, how about you try to guess the beginning of new t.A.T.u. video “Snegopadi” (“Snowfalls”)? We won’t give you any hints. The only inspiration is four screenshots from the middle of the video.

Everyone who guesses the beginning of the video will get a personal link to see it few days before the premiere.

Please send your ideas in any form you find acceptable at info@tatu.ru with subject Snegopadi Competition. We’re accepting your versions until we announce the premiere date.

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Replies: 23 Comments

on Thursday, April 2nd, Colettio said

i like Brandon's idea xD

tatu needs to stick to their Shapovalov-luvin ways!!

whens the last time we've seen them kiss in a video?

on Wednesday, April 1st, Ophelia said

I agree with jenn.
I actually miss that.
I mean, their shit was good, real good back then [not that it isnt good now, but nothing beats there old stuff]

sticking up for who you are, being open and free.

I hope this video doesn't turn out ridiculous.
I want there videos to match the songs. 220 was a good video but hardly matched the song at all.

on Saturday, March 28th, ROFL! said

Maybe they're playing "Sims" or something like that

on Saturday, March 28th, Brandon said

Maybe, when they ran over the camera at the end of NGGU, they were thrown into an alternate dimension. They were trapped there for eight years, until they found magic motorcycles that allow them to escape.

Yeah, thats all I got. XD

Seriously, how the hell are we supposed to know?

Oh well. It should be cool like all of their other videos. Doesn't matter if I have to wait a few extra days.

on Friday, March 27th, jenn said

Don't you just love the excitement of a new t.A.T.u. video coming up?

on Friday, March 27th, Shanty said

i cant guess because you know t.A.T.u. is gonna do some crazy stuff with this video ;)

i cant wait!!

on Friday, March 27th, Angelica said

lmfao, i agree with the whole not gonna get us thing xD

i cant wait. knowing t.A.T.u. this video so gonna be so awesome

on Friday, March 27th, Gen said

it looks pretty kick-ass.
i just cant wait for their video!

on Friday, March 27th, Robbert said

yeah... i submitted my thinking of the video. i think its going to begin with a line of cars and being a race. the pouring snow is symbolic for getting away and winning. cause in those pictures i see no snow and plus it doesnt snow in the desert. lol

on Friday, March 27th, jenn said

LOL! I agree, Coco. It's all boy's stuff!

on Friday, March 27th, coco said

I think it´s nice of them to activate fans, but I don´t really care if I see the video few days earlier or few days later :) and I don´t want any spoilers from the people who will see it first :(

BTW i hope there´s a lot more to the video than motorcycles and cars...blah, boys´ stuff!

on Friday, March 27th, Daniel said

LOL! ummm.. where are the snowfalls?!

on Friday, March 27th, Brandon said

Obviously they jump off the NGGU truck, into a time portal, and come out on bikes... >_>

on Thursday, March 26th, Luis Vega said

both bikers cant obviously be lena & yulia. so im guessing its going to start with yulia getting in one of the bikes. bg music playing on the radio w/ an intro (one of their last singles or a mix) running from someone. Lena then enters the video by singing on location. =]

on Thursday, March 26th, Amanda said

Oh. I suppose a 7 year gap could make it a little unrealistic, lol.

on Thursday, March 26th, jenn said

oh yeah. There's a 7 year gap. lmao. My bad!

on Thursday, March 26th, Sofia said

Ha, yeah. They jump off the truck and hit motorcycles, seven years later ;3

I love their old stuff. Like, I get tired of D&M but 200KMH I can listen to all damn day.

on Thursday, March 26th, jenn said

Shit, that would be awesome, Amanda. And I'm not just sucking up. That would be pretty cool to see them connect their old lesbian image somehow with their image today.

on Thursday, March 26th, Amanda said

I think (or rather, I’d *like* to think) that the “Snegopady” video is a continuation of the “Not Gonna Get Us” video.

on Thursday, March 26th, Sofia said

Gyaaah... why do they tease us so? I really wanna know the premiere data.

Also, I have no idea what the beginning of the video could be. They change their image/spiel so often anyway. I guess maybe someone dies or something... they are running from something? Don't know.

Those clips look CGI'd. I hope the real video isn't! But I can't wait :3

on Thursday, March 26th, jenn said

God damnit Me, stop ruining my excitement! Any guesses as to what the video is about? Running away from the snow? The Paparazzi? Parivz? jk jk! I'm not that mean.

on Thursday, March 26th, Me said

Also one the people on the bikes looks like they have blonde hair...

on Thursday, March 26th, Me said

It looks weird... is that even them? Is it animated or does it just look that cheap?