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03/27/2009: "t.A.T.u. interview in MK newspaper"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

Lena Katina: The decision to start solo projects wasn’t immediate. t.A.T.u. can’t be just “deleted”. It’s ten years of our lives after all. We haven’t even told our fans a couple of months about it, although the decision was made back in January. We needed to get used to the situation ourselves, to really understand that from now on there will be not only t.A.T.u., but also Yulia and me as two different artists.

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on Thursday, April 2nd, t.A.T.u Fan said

I wonder what Lena will do in her solo time?

I hope she goes into photography...because she is beautiful :3

on Sunday, March 29th, Brandon said


on Saturday, March 28th, coco said

"each one lives her personal heterosexual life"

Like that phrase xD Hi I´m Coco and I live my personal heterosexual life...

on Saturday, March 28th, Brandon said

you shouldn't listen to tabloid exaggerations. :P

t.A.T.u. are still alive! Sure, its part-time, but they're still alive! =)

on Friday, March 27th, jenn said

I hope this clarifies things for the OH SHIT T.A.T.U. IS GONE FOREVZ!!!!11 people. And I like how Yulia said, "t.A.T.u. forever!" I found that adorable. :)

on Friday, March 27th, Sofia said

Hm. Well, I do look forward to their new independent stuff. But also, I wish HS would be released already Dx

on Friday, March 27th, Angie said