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03/31/2009: "Gallery Update: RFW pre-party (03.28.09)"

Source: Respectiva.ru

Yulia Volkova attended the pre-party of Russian Fashion Week on March 28th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

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on Friday, April 3rd, Sofia said

Wow! She goes to a lot of parties! I think these pictures look nice. Stop picking on her! She doesn't look THAT BAD in these ones. Honestly... are we fans or not?

But maybe if she went to less parties she could look after her kids and make more music ;3

I wish she didn't wear such revealing clothes all the time... she is beautiful without 80% of her skin showing. It kinda looks like she is trying too hard...
I liked her old pale skin. Wish I could have gone to FW! Lucky girl...

on Friday, April 3rd, Brandon said

Like I said before, it would be so much better if she focused the plastic on her body, rather than her face, but that's just me... >_>

on Thursday, April 2nd, jenn said

Geesh, people. She doesn't even look bad in these pictures! Stop picking at every little detail on Yulia's body (or in this case, face).

on Thursday, April 2nd, t.A.T.u Fan said


on Thursday, April 2nd, Colettio said

whos the chick in all of the pictures? isnt this suppose to be a site about the two tatu girls? who the fuck is this!?

... seriously, Yulya, quit fuckin with ur face

on Wednesday, April 1st, Torpe said

Dont be all dramaqueens here, it's not like she is the new Britney or anything...Xcly I think she looks great! Go Yulia, party like a rock star cuse you are one ;)

on Wednesday, April 1st, masha said

Anybody else think that Yulia has become Dangerous and Moving?

on Wednesday, April 1st, Mia said

Hopefully her lips arent permanent.

on Wednesday, April 1st, Brandon said

If Yulia took the plastic out of her lips and put it in her boobs and butt instead, I would be happy... >_>

on Wednesday, April 1st, Mia said

poor Yulia, she looks so ugly now.

on Tuesday, March 31st, Me said

Oh no, Yulia can't tan anymore. That would be like putting Barbie in the microwave. It wouldn't end well. She would MELT! :o

on Tuesday, March 31st, Amanda said

The man who appeared with Yulia is Ruslan Vetryanyuk. He is a music producer.

on Tuesday, March 31st, Diamond said

Uhhh would a tan help?

on Tuesday, March 31st, Me said

Don't see the point in her even wearing a bra. She's all bone and plastic.

on Tuesday, March 31st, jenn said

The most creative comment I could come up with is I like the hat.

on Tuesday, March 31st, bennybrit said

oh my god....

she looks terrible.her face is so ugly now.

i miss my old yulia