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04/02/2009: "New Grazia magazine"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

The latest issue of Russian magazine “Grazia” reported about Insider’s blog, including a photo from the Blacksquare magazine photoshoot. Thanks to Zhenya Voevodina.

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on Thursday, April 2nd, jenn said

lmao. sleep-pen.

on Thursday, April 2nd, Colettio said


when ur naked
in the show-waa
when ur sleep-pen
for an hou-waa
when ur big, when ur smaaal
oh i wish i was a barbie doll!!!

LAME, ya znahyoo :)

i think i will still listen to Yulya and Elena if they go seperate ways, but i dont think it will be as successful as the old tatu once was.
but i dont think they give a shit!!! Best of Luck!