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04/03/2009: "Gallery Update: MTV Russian Music Awards [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

We have uploaded exclusive HQ photos from the MTV Russian Music Awards on November 29th, 2008.

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on Saturday, April 4th, jenn said

Yeah, I admit that last picture creeps me out. NO YULIA NOOOO! Don't end up like her!

on Saturday, April 4th, Brandon said

The blonde woman in the last picture.

on Friday, April 3rd, liz said

which blonde? paris hilton?

on Friday, April 3rd, Me said

I've been thinking that too, Sofia. Her face looks just as tight and shiny as that blonde woman in the new pics. Yulia goes around saying she doesn't care about what people think and just wears and does what she likes, but her recent changes have shown me that she must have very low self confidence and longs to be accepted as part of those Russian party girls. Only 2 years ago she used to say she didn't care about name brands and natural was best. Now she says she love brand name items and has plastic surgery. It's sad to see her turn into a stereotypical Russian fame hungry celebutant.

on Friday, April 3rd, Sofia said

Wow, I have a creepy feeling Yulia is going to look like that blonde woman in a few years o___0

Interesting new look, girls.

on Friday, April 3rd, phoenix said

they wore the same outfits of their new video (snegopady)

theis outfits is shown in the pictures of the new video

sorry for my laungage
i'am an arabian

on Friday, April 3rd, The horrible t.A.T.u. fashion critique said

Their outfits are so sexy. Especially Lena's. It's modest, but with a bit of naughty.