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04/03/2009: "Gallery Update: Russian Fashion Week (04.02.09)"

Source: Photoxpress.ru, rian.ru, tassphoto.com

Yulia Volkova attended Russian Fashion Week on April 2nd, 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

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on Monday, April 13th, Amanda said

But there is only so much you can interpret through body language. We donít really know anything about Parviz or his relationship with Yulia.

on Monday, April 13th, Brandon said

Hmm, I'm not sure if he hates the spotlight. It just seems like he's manipulative. That might be giving him too much credit though... >_>

on Sunday, April 12th, Courtney said

Yep, but unless Yulia decides to divulge any info about the depth of their relationship or gets a divorce and decides to get revenge in interviews we'll probably never know.... Parviz never smiles. I wonder if he's happier when he gets home or something... Why marry someone who's famous and loves the spotlight if you hate it so much? (that's what it looks like)

on Sunday, April 12th, Brandon said

I suppose I agree, to an extent. There definitely seems to be something fishy going on... >_>

on Saturday, April 11th, Courtney said

Nope, no compliment for fulgly, shady, once married before Parviz... you heard me right: SILENT BLOB LOL

There is no compliment I could possibly think of for this poor excuse of a man. He's just so "blah". Does he have a shit load of money? Did Yulia want to cash in?

There's definitely more to their relationship that we don't know about... They never took at each other with love... They never really look happy when they're together... Something smells... Fishy. With them. WHO AGREES?

on Thursday, April 9th, Brandon said

He is indeed THE man! =)
Thats why he shouldn't be compared to Parviz. :P

on Monday, April 6th, liz said

i would never complement Parviz...even if you bribed me with $1 billion dollars.

and brandon, Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) is THE man!

on Monday, April 6th, Brandon said

Silent blob, or Silent Bob? O_o
Of course, calling him Silent Bob would be a compliment, because Silent Bob is awesome.

Anyway, I don't trust that Parviz guy... He seems suspicious. His past seems rather shady also.

on Sunday, April 5th, Courtney said

To Diamond:

I agree with you, Yulia sure does love making the kids and having them, but sure as shit doesn't like taking care of them and spending time at home with them... She still acts like a kid out partying. Parviz has always been ugly to me, I don't know what Yulia sees in him. He's like a silent blob with ZERO personality. I don't think he loves her at all... She's famous, he's only semi-famous because he's with her. Yulia gets more plastic every time I see her... Lena was always the smart levelheaded one. I miss her... She never does the crazy things Yulia does. No kids, no different kid's fathers, no revolving boyfriends...She has some sense left in her.

on Saturday, April 4th, Diamond said

To Amanda: Thats because Lena has enough sense to stay out of the lime light and not look like an idiot. I use to love Yulia. But GO HOME! YOU HAVE KIDS!

on Saturday, April 4th, bennybrit said

ha ha ha yeah xD

on Saturday, April 4th, jenn said

Parviz got less hot? I didn't even know he was hot to begin with!

on Saturday, April 4th, Brandon said

Come on, Barbie, let's go party

on Saturday, April 4th, oh. said

parviz got less hot. god damnit. when did this happen.

on Saturday, April 4th, Me said

Yulia's face looks plastic; that's not fantastic! :(

on Saturday, April 4th, Brandon said

She's a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic

on Friday, April 3rd, Amanda said

It is disappointing to know that the last time Yulia and Lena appeared together was in January. The last 6 sets of photos in our gallery have been of Yulia.

on Friday, April 3rd, Sofia said

Yeah, she's really... shiny.

I hope Parvis is a good father for the kids. It would be great if he set a good example for them :3

I respect her desicions but I miss natural Yulia.. her pale skin was so lovely! But she started out fake anyway- being a natural blonde. t.a.t.u. was built on a web of lies xD But there's no going back. I hope she doesn't mess with her boobs or nose now. Just be yourself Yulia! You are so creative and lovely!

on Friday, April 3rd, Courtney said

God Yulia looks so "plastic Barbie doll" in those photos its scary! :0

I miss the old, "no work done" Yulia... And I know she loves him, but Parviz is "fugly"...

on Friday, April 3rd, Amanda said

Jenn, I do as well. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the tags unless I purchase the photos. And I wasnít able to contact the photographers of the last Yulia photos.

on Friday, April 3rd, jenn said

Don't you just hate those images with all that damn text covering everything?