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04/05/2009: "Icon update"

Source: allmylove.org

We have uploaded 20 more t.A.T.u. icons to our icon archive made by Angie and I.

Visit the icon archive

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on Monday, April 6th, Brandon said

Correction: masturbation is always fun! >_>


I'll stop now. >_<

on Sunday, April 5th, jenn said

I love the 30 Minutes icon (the one with Yulia at the carousel or however the hell you spell that crazy word). And I agree, Yulia masturbation icons are always fun!

on Sunday, April 5th, Amanda said

Definitely. I had a little too much fun making those icons. ;)

on Sunday, April 5th, Brandon said

Yulia masturbation icons FTW! >_>
Yeah, I had to go there...