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04/06/2009: "Love Radio article"

Source: Loveradio.ru

Love Radio reported about Insider’s blog, including plans of a promotional tour for the upcoming film “You And I”, and a special edition release of the album “Happy Smiles.” Click here to download the audio file of Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina in Russian.

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on Friday, April 10th, Sofia said

Even if it's not BRAND NEW. I should have said updates. I like seeing something new, an update, a different, on this page.

on Friday, April 10th, tatu 101 said

ahhh wat r they saying LOL someone please help i want to know wat going on please HELP!!!

on Tuesday, April 7th, Colettio said

it's gettin alil tension-ish in here :L

on Monday, April 6th, Me said

Yes, I have ears and I can hear. I know what it said, but like I said not new.

on Monday, April 6th, Amanda said

Me, it was a report about Insider’s blog. The audio file of Yulia and Lena is new.

on Monday, April 6th, Me said

This isn't new.

on Monday, April 6th, Sofia said

I can't wait for Happy Smiles! I hate these delays. But I love news every day :3