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04/07/2009: "Vote t.A.T.u. for sexiest women"

Source: MySpace.com

Vote for t.A.T.u. in FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women In The World”. Click here for voting instructions.

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on Friday, April 10th, Sofia said

I voted for both because I think it would be rad if they got one of these again. More publicity for t.a.t.u.! It's good PR anyway. There were a lot of other good looking women on there also..

on Friday, April 10th, Angelica said

i hope they win, they both truly are sexy and talented women

on Friday, April 10th, Gen said

i voted for both of them,
i mean sure yulia got her lips bigger, but i mean shes still beautiful<3
they both are and if you were a REAL t.A.T.u. fan, you would accept her changes and still vote for yulia :)

on Thursday, April 9th, Mike said

I voted for Lena :3
Cause I don't really like fish lips, or how she prances around sounding like a raspy tranny has been. :)

on Wednesday, April 8th, Britany said

I just have to say YAY for Amanda :D I so agree with you. And I voted for both girls cuz they are both beautiful!!

on Wednesday, April 8th, Brandon said

I voted for both of them.
In spite of Yulia's seemingly superficial outlook on things, she's still gorgeous, or she used to be anyway.

on Tuesday, April 7th, Amanda said

I voted for Yulia and Lena, because I think that they are both physically attractive women. I find it interesting that lip injections have affected the opinions of Yulia.

on Tuesday, April 7th, you said

i voted for Yulia i dont find boring girls sexy lol

on Tuesday, April 7th, Me said

I voted for Lena, but not Yulia. I don't find barbie sexy, kthx.

on Tuesday, April 7th, Sofia said


on Tuesday, April 7th, Lily said

already voted (:

Lena has gotten so beautiful over the years, I love her long hair.... wish I could say the same for Yulia.. :( I don't wanna sound like a hater, but she should try to be more natural, I miss the old Yulia =/

on Tuesday, April 7th, JuliaLenaFan said

I already voted!! XD They are both sexy and incredibly hot! I'm sure they will win! :D


allmylove to you! ^^