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04/09/2009: "Video: t.A.T.u. life episode 10"

Source: Russia.ru

Russia.ru uploaded a new video from the online reality show “t.A.T.u. life”, featuring behind the scenes footage from the New Wave Junior performance on November 29th, 2008. Note: select SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition) and the video will play.

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on Monday, April 13th, Amanda said

Lily, there is no need to apologize. It isn’t an issue at all. I have created the tagboard, but I am considering revamping the forum as well.

on Sunday, April 12th, Lily said

Oh I'm sorry I went all off-topic here, a tagboard sounds cool, you may delete my off-topics comments if you want (:

on Sunday, April 12th, Amanda said

Jenn & Lily, I am glad that you two could become friends. I was thinking that we could move all of the off-topic discussions to a more appropriate place. Would you guys be interested in me revamping the forum, or adding a tagboard to the main page?

on Sunday, April 12th, Lily said

zomg we should! *takes your hand and runs through flowery fields towards the sunshine*

I really need to stop consuming so much sugar xD

on Saturday, April 11th, jenn said

I mean't to spell my name with three N's below. ;)

on Saturday, April 11th, jennn said


on Saturday, April 11th, Lily said

I love that movie too... and t.A.T.u! *gasp* lol

on Saturday, April 11th, jenn said

YEAH! That's the name of the girl. I love that movie....and t.A.T.u. :)

on Saturday, April 11th, Lily said

yeah that little girl looks like the one from Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin...lol

lucky little girls that got to meet them *tear*

on Friday, April 10th, jenn said

I guess this answers why they had to lip sync. Also, doesn't that little girl wearing the tie look like the girl from Little Miss Sunshine? I'm not implying that she is, I just thought it was cute and all.

on Friday, April 10th, Motrek said

Yulia perfect real beauty , We Love Yulia <3

Love t.A.T.u

on Friday, April 10th, Brandon said

LOL! Yulia loves being the boss. XD