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04/09/2009: "Video: “Snegopady” trailer"

Source: Tatu.ru, youtube.com

“Snegopady” (Snowfalls) will premiere 17 April on MTV Russia.

Six out of about 3,5 thousand people guessed the beginning right: Dubachev Sergey, Maria Sol Mancheno, Meritokrasi, Ma Py, Homa, and Fabian Perez. The day before the premiere, links will be sent to them and Department of Control will start to watch them.

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on Monday, April 13th, JuliaLenaFan said

XD This is gonna be an awesome video!!!

I can't wait!!

on Sunday, April 12th, Sofia said

Yeah, it does. This should be good! But aghh, the waiting is killing me.

on Sunday, April 12th, Brandon said

The translation seems rather... menacing! O_o

on Saturday, April 11th, Kayla said

oh my gosh i cant wait!!!!! this is gonna be awsome ♥

on Saturday, April 11th, Amanda said

Sarah, here is the translation:

They wanted to stop disabled people
They wanted to manage the waste
They knocked at your hearts, but nobody answered
They have only revenge for your misunderstanding

on Saturday, April 11th, Sarah said

Perhaps someone could translate what is being said :)?

on Friday, April 10th, Sofia said

Wow! I totally am going to hate waiting another week for this. Dx

on Friday, April 10th, bennybrit said

i cant wait.lena looks so fucking good.

and yuilas face lokks normally.*smile*

i love the song so much.

on Friday, April 10th, coco said

yay looks cool.

on Friday, April 10th, Gen said

they look gorgeous at the beginning
and i cannot wait till this comes out!! :D

on Friday, April 10th, Brandon said

Congratulations you two! I have to wait an extra day... TnT

on Thursday, April 9th, meritokrasi meritokrasi said

I won the Snegopadi contest!

on Thursday, April 9th, Mark said

i cant wait for the full vid :d onna be awsome :D

on Thursday, April 9th, jenn said


on Thursday, April 9th, Me said

Yay I got it right!

on Thursday, April 9th, Colettio said

its totally gonna have a 'nas ne dongonyat' feel to it