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04/17/2009: "Video: “Snegopady” music video"

Source: YouTube.com

The official t.A.T.u. YouTube channel has uploaded the music video for t.A.T.u.’s new single “Snegopady” from the 3rd album “Vesyolye Ulybki”. Please comment, favorite and rate the music video on YouTube!

Links: TV version | Special version

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on Monday, April 20th, Kayla said

I love love love love love this video!!! i dont understand how some people dont like it though. It was very entertaining and very tatu-ish. just awsome. ♥ im kinda confused though, about what the music video is about, and what was with the no hitch hikers sign? i was confused. but the video was awsome and i was hyperventalating the whole time!! a new video!! it was really fun and very real looking. pure epic-ness! ♥

on Monday, April 20th, Brandon said

They should have put some snowfall at the end, after the explosion. Ah, if only James Cox could've been director of this video, it would have been made of win, just like the other ones he did.

on Sunday, April 19th, Robbert said

i just had a thought about the "Snow" part in this. ok. so after nuclear war what do scientists think will happen afterwards? basically snow for about 100 years. well the blowing up looked big enough to cause something like that. almost like they were a nuclear bomb and that the snow was going to come AFTER the blowing up. idk if im on to anything but i think it makes sense

on Sunday, April 19th, Amanda said

I don’t think all of the motorcycle scenes were CGI. They also did motion capture, which is filming live movement, and editing into 3D. This would explain their motorcycle training. I don’t know much about animation, but this is what a Russian fan told us on the official forum.

on Sunday, April 19th, Courtney said

This video was very disappointing. It looks to me like it was almost all animated and they just added Yulia and Lena in the beginning and used stunt people and CGI in the rest. But I guess not have a major label with a big budget like in previous videos means t.A.T.u. have to resort to this... This song is called "Snegopady", where is the snow? I thought they would at least reference it a little bit or show some snow. t.A.T.u. seems to be "all over the map" since they left their major labels.

I guess this is the beginning of the end of t.A.T.u. :(

It was bound to happen eventually, As this happens to all duos/groups.

on Saturday, April 18th, Julianne said

fans think it sucks because they just think its some 3D girls riding bikes,
but its more than that.

while watching the video i imagined lena and yulia actually riding the bikes together, made it even better :)

on Saturday, April 18th, Gregory said

only one word can describe that video, and that one word is EPIC!!!!

on Saturday, April 18th, Angelica said

the video was kind of funny at a point.
When they first met up with eachother on their bikes, i laughed at how yulia just left without waiting for the light, and lena, like the angel she is, waits for it to be on green xD

i thought it was a cool video!

on Saturday, April 18th, Damien said

i thought the song went kinda good with the video
like i look back at it and i say 'wow, it really does sync in well'

on Saturday, April 18th, Gen said

the animation looked so...real!
i loved it, it was very tatu-ish.

but the ending killed me, it was sad. It was like they were saying 'thats it, we're done'
but luckily, t.A.T.u.'s not done, they just have solo careers

on Saturday, April 18th, Brandon said

Not bad, but probably their worst video. I certainly wouldn't rank it up there with the other ones. The beginning and the end were the only really impressive parts... The end was rather sad in a metaphorical way. TnT

on Friday, April 17th, jenn said

t.A.T.u. really digs the whole OH BAM WE JUST DIED (KIND OF) thing. Look at Not Gonna Get Us for example. Don't they run over themselves? Or were those cardboard cut outs?..I forget. :(

on Friday, April 17th, Lily said

Well the beginning looked promising lol... no but the video was cool, the animation was very well done, I liked the part where they show Yulia's tattoo, I was like "Yulia!!" lol

I just expected to see more of the girls, the animation bits were too long, some live shots of them would have been great, I didn't think it would be so much 'video game' like.. why were the police after them? and the end was a bit confusing, they self destruct? what's it supposed to mean, the end of t.A.T.u?

on Friday, April 17th, Jane said

Wow, what a let down. What was all of the past bike training for? They weren't even live!
I expected more live action shots. It feels to me like they just used some old left over scenes from the 220 video, slapped a few shots of them getting dressed in there, and computerized the rest. I'm very very disappointed. Although the metaphor was great at the end. I just would have liked to see more of the girls LIVE.
It's better than nothing I guess...
Still love their music!

Thanks for such a great site! I don't even visit their official site anymore because this one is much more informative.

on Friday, April 17th, Sofia said

Hm. Insider had some interesting... things to say about it.

on Friday, April 17th, Mia said

Yeah that was my point since when do u need trainning if you're not going to do the stunts.. Anyway I love them.

on Friday, April 17th, Sofia said

Hm. I don't think I liked it. They still could have done it dramatic enough without TOTAL CGI ACTION. Reminds me of Thelma and Louise kinda :3 It seems to be the end of an era, here. Tatu self-destruct? Oh, dear.

The video was sort of... boring. They were pretty in the beginning and then it was just fancy computer stuff. Not really original in a good way, I thought. But I'm really glad there is something new and I am still hanging on desperate for Happy Smiles.

But.. why did they need such intensive bike training- it wasn't even them in the video!

on Friday, April 17th, jenn said

Love the panty shots. This is like t.A.T.u. playing Grand Theft Auto!

And Mia, yes this is all CGI but that's the point, isn't it? It's all animation fun stuff I guess. (In my opinion, this is a million times better than the animated Gomenasai video.)

on Friday, April 17th, Yulia'sFan said

The video is just perfect the way it is. Perhaps the animation part could have been shorter, the only thing I can say something "bad". Everything else is just t.A.T.u.-ish and I love it. An expected end.

on Friday, April 17th, Mike said

Eeeepic! :D

on Friday, April 17th, .. said

couldn't they at least put some snow in their video?

ooh... and do lights really go from red to amber to green? I don't drive so I don't notice much... but don't they go straight from red to green?

Also, the bit where "Lena" disappears and reappears is impossible if you look carefully at the roads. she just popped out of nowhere lol.

so yeah.. i'm not sure whether to like it or not... some bits are really cool (like the tunnel bit) but then some just aren't up to scratch .. =/

on Friday, April 17th, Mia said

I saw the two versions and all I can say is... wow.
They really expected us to believe they were them in the video. I mean seriously. I love tatu and I will support them till' the end but c'mon. It's all 3D, nice effects and nice sound but that's it.
I got the concept of the video. But I'm so dissapointed.

on Friday, April 17th, liz said

i do not like this video.

on Friday, April 17th, Amanda said

I must admit that the contrast between opinions is interesting. Either people love the video, or hate the video, but it provokes a passionate response on each side.

Circe, thank you. I am glad you like the website.

on Friday, April 17th, Me said

They had to learn to ride bikes so that they could make that so important entrance (that didn't even get completely shown on tv) at the MTV awards. And also, they probably wanna sound cool and say "I rode a motor bike!" It was a shit vid and it sucks for them to end it in such a half assed way.

on Friday, April 17th, circe said

I didn't notice at first because I was at school, trying to compare them at the same time, didn't realize only one of them had music. I really love this site btw. It's so informative.

on Friday, April 17th, Colettio said

damn, that was completely disappointing. why does yulya like to die in her videos...and why the hell did they need to learn how to ride if the whole video was CGI?? i just dont understand "tatu" anymore

BRING BACK SHAPOVALOV!!! at least he made decent videos that we all loved

on Friday, April 17th, coco said

how come? no one has said t.A.T.u. is over for good.

on Friday, April 17th, Tatu.Fatal.Ru said

The final chapter of tatu is now closed.

on Friday, April 17th, Robbert said

yeah... the end depresses me. it takes the meaning of symbolic and uses it like x5000. (if that makes sense) lol. its the end of t.a.T.u. but why so computer animated? thats the only thing i didn't like. but maybe t.a.T.u. will make one last video before the end. and yes, it did have a Not Gonna Get Us feel to it

on Friday, April 17th, coco said

Great song, shame about the video :)

on Friday, April 17th, Amanda said

I didn’t realize the difference at first either. I felt so embarrassed because Snegopady is one of my favorite songs. You’d think I would have noticed it immediately!

Anyway, I really enjoyed both versions of the music video, although the ending leaves me emotional… the metaphor in the song and video is apparent.

on Friday, April 17th, circe wilson said

thanks! I just realized lol

on Friday, April 17th, Amanda said

Circe Wilson, the second version of the video is without music.

on Friday, April 17th, circe wilson said

what is the difference between the two versions? they seem the same length.