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04/19/2009: "Video: Yulia performs at Neposedi"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Yulia Volkova and Sergey Lazarev performed at Neposedi’s event “18 years of Neposedi” on April 19th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia. Lena Katina was not able to attend the event because she was in Los Angeles, California. Edit: the full video has been added. Thanks to Kriek and Fanta (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Thursday, April 23rd, Sofia said

Well, that's true. We don't hear about Lena. Maybe she makes questionable decisions too- we don't know. They aren't obvious, that's all. I do wish I could see some more of Lena. But I'm just glad there is news! Remember when there would be nothing posted here for like, weeks at a time? That sucked.

I don't think she sounds TERRIBLE. But I do miss her old voice Dx That was the best, I think. She would sound better here if the recording quality was better!

on Thursday, April 23rd, Brandon said

Britney, no one criticizes Lena because she is a perfect Goddess. :P
On the other hand, Yulia has made some questionable decisions as of late.

on Wednesday, April 22nd, Me said

I have a vid, but it's not the full perf... and you can really hear Yulia's "great" singing in it too. :D

on Wednesday, April 22nd, Britney said

Well I love both girls. I've seen a lot of criticism of Yulia on here, but never about Lena. I just think some of it is unnecessary.

on Wednesday, April 22nd, Amanda said

Gen and Britney, I understand your concern. But criticism of t.A.T.u. and their solo careers is allowed here, as it is on any other website or forum. Personally, I think criticism of Yulia’s voice is more appropriate than her physical appearance.

And I thought the performance was interesting. I also thought Yulia looked nice, especially her outfit, because it was appropriate for this performance. But I wish we would have gotten a better quality video where we could have seen Yulia more closely.

on Wednesday, April 22nd, Brandon said

I don't really think she sounds that bad, but her voice used to be so much clearer.

on Tuesday, April 21st, Britney said

I completely agree with Gen!

on Tuesday, April 21st, Melanie said

i think she soudns amazing, as usual :)
besides lena has sung without her before too yknow.

but still, when they sing together they sound like angels<3
it just fits

on Tuesday, April 21st, Ang said

its wierd seeing her sing without our lena bo bena
but we're gonna have to get use to it :/

on Tuesday, April 21st, Gen said

leave yulia the fxck alone, she sounds perfectly fine live -__-

i can't believe some of you people actually call yourselves "fans"
thats just pathetic, go hate on someone else.

on Tuesday, April 21st, Amanda said

I’m not quick to judge. We haven’t heard the full performance yet.

on Tuesday, April 21st, coco said

I thought Yulia sang alright :)

but that dress looks like she´s wearing an oversized men´s shirt :/ hideous.

on Tuesday, April 21st, Brandon said

WWE fans, eh? Comparing her to Jillian Hall is a bit harsh, don't you think? TnT
For those who don't know, Jillian Hall's gimmick is basically a parody of Britney Spears.

on Monday, April 20th, Diamond said

Plus sergey isn't helping. He's dude. come on lol yulia is use to a duet with a woman.

on Monday, April 20th, Diamond said

Liz, I know Jillian Hall. Isn't that a bit harsh lol. But I know where your coming from?

Maybe she has the nerves. I can't rememember yulia ever performing without Lena

on Monday, April 20th, Sofia said

Looks like everyone was having fun! Too bad Lena wasn't there. But maybe she was recording some of her own stuff while in LA. Exciting!

on Monday, April 20th, Me said

Well, I was there. It actually sounds better on that camera cause you can't hear her voice clearly... It was shit. Real shit. That's why I was happy Serge was there, at least I had somethin nice to look at. ;)

on Monday, April 20th, colettio said

guys...tatu's dead. thought i'd break it to ya gently but this video proves it...and Segopady does too.

on Monday, April 20th, ryan said

personally i think its the camera quality thats shit not her voice... u can tell the cameras sound quality i sbad coz of the sound of the songs instrumental are well off tune... and no way can julia get her notes that high

on Monday, April 20th, Lily said

her singing was okay... (:

but why Lena whyyyy I was looking forward to this cuz I thought they were gonna perform together.. =/

on Monday, April 20th, liz said

yulia's live singing is worse than jillian hall trying to sing before she wrestles (if anyone watches WWE, you know who i'm talking about)

on Monday, April 20th, jenn said


on Monday, April 20th, Amanda said

Lena has performed “Not Gonna Get Us” live twice (or more) without Yulia.

on Monday, April 20th, i said

its very rude to perform one of the best t.A.T.u. song without lena.

on Monday, April 20th, brit said

wahts happening with her voice?

ist so....mmhh high?

and wohs singing the refrain?is it lena?

on Monday, April 20th, Brandon said

Yulia used to have a much better voice. TnT
How does Sergey being there make it better?

on Sunday, April 19th, Me said

Wow she is shit live. No wonder they usually mime... At least Serge was there tho. o.O