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04/23/2009: "Video: Yulia at MTV Movie Awards"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Yulia Volkova and Parviz Yasinov attended the Russian MTV Movie Awards on April 23nd, 2009 in Moscow, Russia. Thanks to Dennis (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Thursday, April 30th, Marina said

oh, the fucking diva, and her horrible... boyfriend
I loved her before but now... I can see who is her, I met the new Yulia, the old Yulia has died

on Monday, April 27th, Brandon said

Well, from what Yulia says, he seems to do everything for her so she can be lazy, so maybe that's why she likes him?

on Sunday, April 26th, Courtney said

Parviz always looks like such a miserable stuck up asshole when he's in public... ugh. He must be a sex god in bed or something because I can think of no other reason why Yulia is with him or likes him.

on Friday, April 24th, Brandon said

Yeah, Lena likes her privacy. :(

on Thursday, April 23rd, Sofia said

Wow! They are talking so fast @___@;;

Can't say I like those glasses but it's nice that she's getting out! Quite social these days, Yulia! Wish I could hear of some Lena out and around.

on Thursday, April 23rd, Me said

OMGOMG My nana has those same sunglasses!!

on Thursday, April 23rd, John said

ay yulia, you going home yet?
How are the kids?
I bet you don't know....

on Thursday, April 23rd, bennybrit said

i like sunglasses,but this monster is terrible...