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04/23/2009: "Yulia interview with OK! Magazine"

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Yulia: I really like the US. Especially California. I adore its mild climate, the sun. It affects people and you can feel the difference right away. You walk along some LA street and you see smiling faces and your mood immediately changes.
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on Tuesday, April 28th, Brandon said

I was mostly commenting on how funny the "get her tubes tied" comment was. I'm not going to say that she should actually do it, but she should definitely learn how to raise the kids she has before she pops out any more.

on Monday, April 27th, Courtney said

Agreed, "Me".

Like I said before "Me", She had kids because of UNPROTECTED SEX, NOT because she wanted them. She's a woman with a child's brain and maturity. She'll never take care of and be with her kids like she's supposed to be.... Why would she put up with all the screaming, crying, boo-boos and messes etc. when she can just move her parents into somewhere else away from her and Parviz and pay nannies to do it for her???

THIS is why you should have to pass tests before you conceive and birth children...

Yulia would fail those tests miserably if she had to pass them in order to be able to have children. Lena has always been the level-headed mature one. She has ZERO kids, is not married and keeps her private life to herself and doesn't party like a teenager. Lena would pass those "mothering" tests easily. I just wish Yulia would listen to her more often.

on Monday, April 27th, Me said

No, none of us know her personally or have been to her house, but she has brought camera's to her and Parvis's mansion and she does talk about her kids in interviews a LOT. I go off of what she says. Go read and watch her interviews, people. She has said that she doesn't live with her kids. They live with her parents and their nannies in an APARTMENT. She says she goes and visits them and she sometimes tries to stay the night with them. She also says that she goes to parties almost every night. So, she can go to parties, but she cannot spend a night with her babies? Is that a good mom? How would you feel if your mom couldn't find the time to tuck you in at night, but she can find the time to go out to clubs, get smashed, and then have her picture taken by paparazzi?

on Monday, April 27th, Courtney said

Brandon, was that supposed to mean you're agreeing with me about the "get your tubes tied" comment? Just wondering. I think she really should get them "tied". Her personality has never screamed "maternal" or "she would make a great mother" at me. She needs to either get her tubes tied, get "douchebag" to get a vasectomy (which I doubt he'll go for that), or go on birth control. If she wanted to live the great life and have her career and everything, then each time she had sex she should've thought about the consequences.
I'm not trying to say that I'm perfect or that none of us don't get caught up in "that moment", but at least most of us know how to use common sense.

on Monday, April 27th, coco said

Yes, I do think Yulia loves her kids and I hope she finds a way to be there for them and be happy herself too. It can be a difficult situation, because in the other hand if the mom forces herself to stay at home with the kids and gives up the life she loves, she might become bitter and unhappy and I doubt the kids would be happy then either.

on Monday, April 27th, Brandon said

Yeah! Yulia should "get her tubes tied!" I have to say: OMGWTFBBQ @ that. XD

I know Yulia loves her kids, but I don't think she knows how to raise them. Obviously, it's hard to know how to raise kids unless you have experience in that area, but I do know that parents should spend as much time with their kids as they can, and it doesn't look like Yulia is doing that.

on Sunday, April 26th, Courtney said

That "Brit & K-Fed" is in reference to the "kids" thing as well. Brit should not have anymore kids either.

on Sunday, April 26th, Courtney said

Great nickname Liz!... I was thinking "the Britney & K-Fed of Russia" as a great name, too... lmao

on Sunday, April 26th, liz said

i'm giving them a new nickname: the heidi and spencer of russia!

on Sunday, April 26th, Courtney said

Thanks Liz! :-D

I have one piece of advice for Yulia: Do not have anymore kids! Get your tubes tied, wear a condom, go on birth control.... SOMETHING! You are not there like any good mother should be. You have two kids by two different fathers that you moved nannies and your parents in to care for while you're out partying and going on vacations with that douche bag common-law husband of yours.

PS - has anyone ever seen Parviz smile a happy smile in any picture? I sure haven't.

Either use some type of contraception or close your legs, Yulia! Grow up and be an adult. Whether they were planned or not, take care of your kids.

on Sunday, April 26th, John said

Yulia's fan, AND sofia. I can see what your saying. But its hard to respect her as an artist professionally if you can't respect someone outside of that. And its hard too. Because the one thing that should be thought of is her children. Where are they? How do you know she's with them 24/7. Everytime we come on the site and there IS caps of something. As someone said. It's yulia. NOT at home with the kids. I don't pay attention that much but since everyone is aggressively statign there oppinon. I don't think anyone is REALLY against yulia. It's just. In the times we live. If you have kids you bring them up. You don't use your parents to. Okay for work. But there is a certain point that you get to where its like: you made the decision to have a child, do what you got to do. Parviz is a bussiness man and an heir. Yulia's not broke she can take a day off. And not party, and not work on her album.

I am not claling her a bad person. I question her. No I'm not a big fan of yulia. I like lena. I use to like yulia. And I'm speaking to you all respectively, I'm not trying to argue in anyway

on Sunday, April 26th, Sofia said

Yulia'sfan, I agree with that.

It seems very easy to criticize Yulia and her choices. True, what we see of her choices would seem to give us cause to criticize them. Okay, so the surgery doesn't look GREAT. Okay, so Parvis seems 'suspicious' or whatever.

But please remember, none of us actually KNOW her. What we see of her is just what's posted on fan sites. NO ONE HERE actually spends time with her, talks with her, knows her real feelings or what she does with her free time. Yes, we see pictures of her partying a lot. We don't see hardly any pictures of her and her kids. But I put myself in her shoes (One pair of a closetful!) and I think to myself, I wouldn't want paparazzi attention on my kids. I would want cameras in my house and personal family. True, she does seem to like to party. But she is young! Young people like to party! I know I do. I wouldn't bring my kids to Moscow parties, if I had them.
No one has seen Yulia's family picture albums. No one has seen the inside of her house. You don't know what their lives are like. Calm down, every one.

It's true. She does seem like a rather irresponsible person. But she's young! Who here is immaculate and is always thinking of others and progeny and the like. Yeah, the kids were probably an accident. Accidents happen. I respect that she had the children instead of aborting them!

Okay, my rant is over now. Sorry about that xD

on Sunday, April 26th, liz said

i have cats. they're like my children. they're taken care of very well.

i'm not ready to have kids. i just want to have fun!

on Sunday, April 26th, Yulia'sFan said

Alright. I just think that some of you are crossing the line with like more than 200km/h in the wrong lane.
It's one thing to discuss over Yulia's career and another thing to doubt her abilities or skills as a mother. Whom of you here has kids in order to make such nasty and disrespectful affirmations and say she's not capable or good to have kids? First make your own kids dear fans and then judge Yulia and how she's raising her kids. All she does she's doing it for them, in order to give them a good life. She can't be all the time with them, but this doesn't mean she shouldn't care and I don't think that all the parents of those who said such things about her were always with you. Just respect Yulia if not for an artist, for a mother, for a human being and stop being that childish and interfere in her life. She is 24, do you guys want her locked inside a house? Of course she needs to go out, to get distracted.

Some of you should go and think twice before judging her.

When she is in Moscow she spends time with their children but she cannot be with them 24/7. Seriously you guys. Grow up a bit.

on Sunday, April 26th, Diamond said

Amanda, of course she loves her kids, and she has all the money in the world to support them,

But is she? she's never with them as far as we know. Most time I come on the site I see caps of her at a party. NOT with her kids.

I almost feel like she's treating her kids like they are her little brother or sister. And leaving them with her parents.

on Sunday, April 26th, Chris said

Parviz and Julia are so amazing together!

on Sunday, April 26th, Brandon said

Lena was always the sensible one. Yulia was always the crazy, rush into things head-on one. >_>

Not exactly the best personality for raising kids. >_>

on Sunday, April 26th, Amanda said

This is an interesting discussion with valid points. But I think that if Yulia loves and supports her children, then she is a good mother, regardless of the circumstances.

on Saturday, April 25th, Lily said

I don't know much about this Parviz guy, in fact I don't know anything about him, or what he does for a living...
But i do remember watching an interview (with english subtitles) where Yulia had just given birth to Samir and the interviewer was telling her that she couldn't tell she had been pregnant and Yulia replied: "I had to look beautiful for my favorite man, I knew that if I had become fat, he would have stopped loving me"
She was obviously referring to Parviz. If he did tell her that then he's such a shallow person and is with her just for her looks... Or if she assumed he would have stopped loving her because of that.. then she must not know what real, unconditional love is.
And I've always thought that Yulia was/is not mature or responsible enough to raise kids, maybe she should have waited, but I'm not going to criticize her, it's her life and her own decisions..

on Saturday, April 25th, liz said

amen to that, courtney. i'm starting to dislike yulia now.

oh, and parviz is such a goldigger! (thank you kanye)

on Saturday, April 25th, Courtney said

She had kids because of unprotected sex.... not because she wanted them. She's a woman with a child's brain and maturity. She'll never take care and be with her kids like she's supposed to be.... Why would she put up with all the screaming, crying, boo-boos and messes when she can just move her parents in and pay nannies to do it for her???

She has unprotected sex and gets pregnant by two different men and then leaves both kids with her parents and nannies to go on tour and on vacation with her common-law husband??? Great role model Yulia turned out to be, huh?

Parviz is a total douche bag who looks like a miserable human being who won't be with her in a few years. Yulia is immature and has a bratty temper of a teenager. The only thing she's good at when it comes to motherhood is making them and birthing them.

THIS is why you should have to pass tests before you conceive and birth children...

on Saturday, April 25th, Diamond said

Me, I couldn't aggree with you more.
Why have children?
I don't wanna doubt her mothering skills...but I do. She's not a teenager anymore. If anything she should have more time for them now.

on Saturday, April 25th, Me said

Diamond, of course. The kids live there with her parents and their nannies, while Yulia and Parviz hang out in his mansion and go on vacations.

on Saturday, April 25th, Diamond said

I just dont understand why yulia's parents would have to move WITH her and parviz.

So they can watch the kids...?

on Saturday, April 25th, Diamond said

I just dont understand why yulia's parents would have to move WITH her and parviz.

So they can watch the kids...?

on Friday, April 24th, genesis said

lily, i so agree with you xD
i would loveeee for them to perform in madison square garden<3

on Friday, April 24th, Amanda said

Lily, I agree that Yulia and Lena should move to the United States. It would open many career opportunities for them. And I think that Yulia and Parviz will be together for many years. They have been together for 2 years already.

Anyway, Ive already gotten my copy of the magazine!

on Friday, April 24th, coco said

"Honestly, she doesn't even care for her own children. They don't even live together! She leaves them with 4 nannies and her parents."

Yes, and imagine this woman who obviously has no clue what its like to be a normal young mother and raise a baby on your own, giving advice on abortion! :) What a joke.

And the early years of a child are actually the most important and never repeat, so its a shame to miss them.

on Friday, April 24th, Brandon said

OMG! They came to Arizona! So close, so close...

on Thursday, April 23rd, Sofia said

Those are nice pictures. It's cool that they did something so spontaneous and fun. Very tatuish!

I don't really know how much time she spends with her kids. I won't criticize because I don't know. But I do know that in a family, you can't really spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT AND EVERY VACATION with kids. When they are older, it would be fun to take them places with you. I understand why they went alone.

I thought it was a good interview. It's cool to hear some straight facts instead of just rumors and feelings, for once.

on Thursday, April 23rd, Me said

Her attitude bothers me. She is acting like her life is so hard or something. There are people who work their asses off and never get one vacation. Honestly, she doesn't even care for her own children. They don't even live together! She leaves them with 4 nannies and her parents. It makes me sad for her kids that she so lazy and immature. Oh well, she'll pay for it later when they are all grown and gone.

on Thursday, April 23rd, Lily said

Great article, she looks so pretty in that last scan, I know its selfish but her and Lena should both move to the US, thus increasing my low chances of ever meeting them xD

Now Yulia should keep in mind that once you have kids, your life changes radically, so she should consider toning down all the partying..

Hmmm do any of you guys see her and Parviz still together in future years?

on Thursday, April 23rd, Motrek said

According to me this a perfect report , yulia beautiful a doubt, I do not get at this very much I like it the t.A.T.u shows ,that happy

(I'm a Really t.A.T.u Fan)

on Thursday, April 23rd, liz said

good interview, but she needs to spend more time with her children. that's why it's call a vacation.

on Thursday, April 23rd, Amanda said

I thought this was an excellent interview. I am glad that Yulia enjoyed her visit to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon!