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04/24/2009: "Vote for “Snegopady” on Love Radio"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Vote for t.A.T.u.’s new single “Snegopady” as the best video of spring on Love Radio. Click here, scroll down, select “t.A.T.u. – Snegopady” on the list and click the “Golosovat” button. t.A.T.u. are currently in 1st place with 29% of the vote.

Replies: 7 Comments

on Sunday, April 26th, Chris said

they are first:)

on Sunday, April 26th, Brandon said

I wonder if they play HARD rock. ;)

on Saturday, April 25th, Sofia said

There's a band called Via-gra? O___O;;

on Saturday, April 25th, Sofia said

31%! >D

on Saturday, April 25th, Kayla said

yay now its 29% !!!

on Friday, April 24th, Gen said

its at 27% now! :DDD

on Friday, April 24th, Lily said

voted (: