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04/25/2009: "Gallery Update: Rankin photoshoot [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

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on Friday, May 1st, Daizha said

they are so angelic!
i wouldnt mind looking like them at all :)

on Friday, May 1st, Katherine said

thank you very very much Mandy, I just love it,I've found it before but it was in LQ, but now we have it on very HQ thank you very much, you have the best media there for me and for all t.A.T.u. Fans, we love u

on Tuesday, April 28th, Damien said

lena has such a fit body, idk why anyone would ever think shes fact.
she has the perfect body

on Tuesday, April 28th, Gen said

i am infatuated with these picturs<3
they look adorable!!! :')

on Tuesday, April 28th, devilhina said

Elles sont tellement belles (^^)

on Sunday, April 26th, Lauren said

Totally saving.

on Sunday, April 26th, Lily said

I love this photoshoot, they look super adorable, aw they should have new photoshoots together, but I doubt it =/

on Sunday, April 26th, Chris said


on Sunday, April 26th, Brandon said

I can't stop drooling. :D

on Saturday, April 25th, jenn said