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04/25/2009: "Gallery Update: FHM photoshoot"

Source: allmylove.org

We have uploaded exclusive photos from the FHM photoshoot in 2003.

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on Thursday, April 30th, Kevin Krayewski said

thank u very much Amanda, I just love it, thanks :)

on Thursday, April 30th, Brandon said

LMAO, that's so true, Jenn. It really is the perfect representation of them. :)

on Wednesday, April 29th, jenn said

Damien, you are not alone.

I think my favorite photo here is the one of Yulia sticking up the middle finger and Lena giving a peace sign. It fits their personalities so well.

on Tuesday, April 28th, Andy said

ahh i could stare at these all day, they are extremely sexy

on Tuesday, April 28th, Damien said

am i the only one that thinks its hot when they stick out the middle finger? o_O

on Tuesday, April 28th, Melanie said

awww, lena and her fiery red hair<3!
loveeee that! (:

on Tuesday, April 28th, Wanda said

i am so jealous of them, they have such fantastic bodies!

on Tuesday, April 28th, Genesis said

they can be cute and sexy at the same time<3
i love them! :)

on Tuesday, April 28th, katya said

they are very cute though!

on Tuesday, April 28th, katya said

aren't these done by the same guy who had done the shots for the FHM HQs you have though?

on Tuesday, April 28th, Martin said

Lovely! I would love to have HQ. Some are on tatuhq.pl but not the cutest ones! Anyone to make me happy? :)

on Tuesday, April 28th, devilhina said

Whouaouh!!! J'adore ces photos!

on Tuesday, April 28th, Shanice said

Awesome, thanks. My friend's gonna love these XD

on Tuesday, April 28th, tatyforever said

so lovely pictures!!!! i had never seen them before. thanks for posting!!!!!!

on Monday, April 27th, Amanda said

Brandon, Lauren was the co-founder and co-webmaster in 2006-2007. She contributed many layouts, pages, and news in our archives. She still has access to the website if I need her.

I do/did have many contributors, especially in the sub-domains and graphic section. But I pay for the hosting and domain, order the website layouts, post news and update the gallery, etc.

I should really make a page that answers these questions, lol.

on Monday, April 27th, Brandon said

I thought Lauren had some control over the site. Is it really just you, Amanda?

on Sunday, April 26th, Lauren said


on Sunday, April 26th, Chris said

Amanda very nice photos!Thank you

on Sunday, April 26th, coco said

thank you! :D

on Sunday, April 26th, Brandon said

These are even sexier than the other ones you just uploaded!

on Sunday, April 26th, Amanda said

I am glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Tatu fan, unfortunately, I do not have HQ versions of these pictures, or I would have uploaded them to the gallery. Please, be grateful for what I have posted.

And Gabriel, you are correct. I am the webmaster and owner of this website. I say “we” on the news entries because it sounds more professional.

on Saturday, April 25th, Tatu fans said

In HQ Please!!!!

on Saturday, April 25th, Gabriel said

Amanda is the only on who actually works on this site.

on Saturday, April 25th, win said

win, i dont know why everyones thanking amanda when it says "we" have uploaded. but, whatever. thanks, team~*~*~*~

on Saturday, April 25th, Elise said

omg absolutely gorgeous! thanks amanda!

on Saturday, April 25th, Mimy Scolling said

Thank you Amanda <3

on Saturday, April 25th, jenn said

AHHHHH! Cuteness overload. Thank you so much, Amanda! I've never seen most of these pictures before. (I guess that's why they're called exclusive, though.)