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04/27/2009: "Troy MacCubbin updates his Twitter"

Source: Twitter.com

t.A.T.u.ís guitarist Troy MacCubbin is currently working with Lena Katina in Los Angeles, California. He has posted messages on his official Twitter account from April 21st to April 27th, 2009. Click here to view all of his messages.

April 21th: Start new project with certain girl from Moscow & some good mates here in LA.
April 25th: Great to see everyone! Lena looks great and so do all the guys!
April 27th: Just about to show a new idea to Lena & the guys. Hope they like it.

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on Wednesday, May 6th, tatu fan said

I cant wait to see what Lena is going 2 do i cant wait 4 Yulia's stuff either... and i cant wait untill they do something together again
tatu 4ever!!!

on Wednesday, April 29th, Brandon said

I didn't know that you were a Nine Inch Nails fan, Amanda. That's cool. :)

on Tuesday, April 28th, daiz said

i wish lena had a twitter, id follow her :D
and shes gorgeous, and troys awesome xD

on Tuesday, April 28th, bennybrit said

she looks so unbelivable good.

(like an angel) *smile*

on Tuesday, April 28th, Amanda said

And on an irrelevant note, I think itís awesome that Troy is following Trent Reznor on Twitter.

on Tuesday, April 28th, coco said

Lena is so Katina <3

canīt wait.

on Tuesday, April 28th, Brandon said

Troy is a cool guy. :)

on Monday, April 27th, jenn said


Oh wait. I should be rooting for Troy. TROYFTW (?)

on Monday, April 27th, Colettio said

i wish Katina and the rest the best of luck, and i want to say the same for Yulya

on Monday, April 27th, Ryane said

I'm so excited about Lena's career! I love her <3

on Monday, April 27th, Me said

Its good to see Lena is serious about her career, unlike some people.

on Monday, April 27th, liz said


ps. troy's freakin hot!

on Monday, April 27th, Sofia said

Awesome! Can't wait to hear the new stuff! Also, English HS xD

on Monday, April 27th, Amanda said

Please note that photo of Lena and Troy is from 2006. Troy stated on Facebook that he would have photos from Los Angeles later.