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05/04/2009: "Lena’s meeting with fans"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Tatu.ru forum member Diana / nich'ya:) met with Lena Katina and the band on May 2nd, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Lena revealed that t.A.T.u.’s album “Happy Smiles” will be released in Autumn, 2009. Click here to read Diana’s full report. More pictures will follow.

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on Saturday, May 9th, Tatu lover said

Wow iwite the new english album from 6 month finaly

on Friday, May 8th, tatyforever said

happy smiles will be released in autum!!! that's really good news!! i'm so glad!!! lena is so sweet and cute!!!! i just love her,she's amazing!!!!

on Thursday, May 7th, Zephro aka Ryan said

Lena looks lovely in that picture, and the news of the upcoming release is good.
I hope Diana had a great time getting to meet the lovely Katina :)

on Thursday, May 7th, phoenix said

well am happy for both of them

but i have a quastion..

did tatu's management mention the song of the english album??

i mean... the russian album ( ludy invalidy) have less songs than the english album( D & M )...

I guess that the ( happy smiles) album will have more songs than the (Vesyolye Ulybki ) album..

sorry for my english
am arabian ....!!

on Wednesday, May 6th, tatufan said

OMG if that was me i wud just have tha biggest smile on my face and wud not have a clue what to say i wud want to say so many things and it wud just come out a blah LOL i mean cmon it's Lena i wud be the same with Yulia god they are both hot LOL

on Tuesday, May 5th, Sofia said

That's cool! Autumn!? Eeek. That's a long time away. But I'm glad it's not 2010 --

on Tuesday, May 5th, Brandon said

I'm not THAT far away from L.A., but I haven't made an effort to meet Lena either. TnT

on Monday, May 4th, Lily said

Sweeeet! Diana is a very very lucky girl! (:

I'm sure we'd all love to meet Lena as well... but I have a feeling I would be really nervous, stuttering all over the place, and slightly intimidated in her presence, and I'd HATE that, I'd hate to be all star-struck if I met her, not that I have hopes but if by any lucky chance I get to meet her I hope that doesn't happen and I can play it cool xD

on Monday, May 4th, Sam said

oh man i am sooo jealous! i wish i could meet lena, it would be amazing!

on Monday, May 4th, Angelica said

i really wish that one of those girls would come to new york city
they have fans here too y'know :(

either way im excited that the album is coming out soon

on Monday, May 4th, Gen said

YES! AUTUMN! :))))
i cannot wait
and diana is lucky, i would love to meet lena, or even yulia :D

on Monday, May 4th, Amanda said

Aurora, I understand. Although I do not live in California, I do live in the United States, and I would have been willing to travel to Los Angeles to meet Lena and/or Yulia. But I am sure that there will be another opportunity in the future.

on Monday, May 4th, Aurora said

Gah I am started to get frustarted. LA is like RIGHT HERE. I'm only like an hour away from there.

on Monday, May 4th, liz said

i agree with you, amanda. and if diana's reading this, thank you!

on Monday, May 4th, Amanda said

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Personally, I am interested in both Yulia and Lena’s solo careers. But I think that Lena has more natural beauty and talent. Anyway, I am glad that Diana was willing to share her experience with us.

on Monday, May 4th, liz said

not to be mean, but i rather see natural lena than plastic yulia any day of the week. at least someone's serious about her career!

on Monday, May 4th, Amanda said

The past 5 news updates have all been of Lena. Pinch me, I must be dreaming!