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05/07/2009: "t.A.T.u. at Eurovision"

Source: Tatu.ru

May, 10 and May, 12 t.A.T.u. will perform at Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.

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on Monday, May 11th, Faiza said

Anyone know wut they are gonna perform on the 12th? :P

on Sunday, May 10th, Tatulover said

I hope they do fly on the wall or you and i the best songs in happy smiles

on Sunday, May 10th, Tatulover said

I hope they do fly on the wall or you and i the best songs in happy smiles

on Saturday, May 9th, Mia said

I really hope it's Snowfalls!!!!!!!!!!!

on Saturday, May 9th, Emmi said

anyone know when(what time) they will be performing? im really looking forward to seing them on tv again!!!

on Saturday, May 9th, tatufan said

Woo i dont care what they sing!!! im just happy that they will be singing together woo cant wait its gonna be heaps good
tatu 4ever!!!

on Saturday, May 9th, bennybrit said

i think "snegopady"

i hope they will sing it in english.

on Saturday, May 9th, Chris said

i am very excited!!!Does anyone knows what they will exactly sing?

on Saturday, May 9th, Brandon said

Wait, t.A.T.u. aren't competing?

on Friday, May 8th, Courtney said

At Coco:

Then why did they say they "don't give a shit about Eurovision"? It seems to me they only care about and like Eurovision if they win and kick ass... They shouldn't have said that.

on Friday, May 8th, coco said

Well anyways, it´s the Eurovision so the performance must be lavish and spectacle-like!! :D I mean at least more than just walking back and forth on stage and singing. I hope Moscow will arrange imposing sets for t.A.T.u., after all the band is representing Moscow as a host.

on Friday, May 8th, coco said

"A little hypocritical and contradictory don't ya think???"

Courtney, I think they meant performing in the Eurovision as a COMPETING artist...

on Friday, May 8th, Brandon said

They should have won back in 2003. Maybe they'll win this time?
Lets just hope that Yulia doesn't get sick or go crazy.

on Thursday, May 7th, JuliaLenaFan said

XD I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to see them preform! :D I know they will as great as ever!

I'm with you guys. I hope they sing a song in English! :D tho anything they sing I know they will do an amazing job!

on Thursday, May 7th, Lauren said

i hope they perform snegopady in ENGLISH.
i heard some of it in the finding t.A.T.u. trailer, sounds wicked! :]]

on Thursday, May 7th, Gen said

im excitedddddd! :)
i hope they perform snegopady<3
ive never seen them perform it before

on Thursday, May 7th, Sofia said

YES! This is so great. I had my hopes up for a good reason xD. I don't know if they'll do an English song (It is EUROvision after all) but I kinda hope they do one we haven't heard before. Maybe they'll have different outfits too? That'd be neat. Can't wait! At least it's soon. Julia better not get sick xD

on Thursday, May 7th, Courtney said

Weren't they the ones who said they "don't give a shit about Eurovision" and that Eurovision was "for beginners, not for people who were already famous recording artists"...? They said this in an interview with Russia Today back at the end of 2005, by the way. A little hypocritical and contradictory don't ya think??? They're kind of eating their past words now, so to speak. (They usually do speak BEFORE they think about what they're saying and end up regretting it later on when the things they say don't work out. They're now kind of famous for it lol)

But I DO hope they perform a new English song. :)

on Thursday, May 7th, Faiza said

wow seeing the girls singing together makes me feel so warm inside =D this is huge I hope they win! they are best :D. too bad I dont have russian channels on tv. anyone know where I can watch them live?

on Thursday, May 7th, Jo said

I'm really excited. The girls' singing has improved since the last time they performed there.

I read somewhere that they might be singing a new English song? I dunno, I just really hope they sing a new English song. I want something/anything new. But overall, I'm just so happy they're performing!


on Thursday, May 7th, Sam said

woot! i cant waitt :)

on Thursday, May 7th, Kayla said

Yayyy!!!! I cant wait to watch them! How can you doubt their performance though? t.A.T.u always rocks!

on Thursday, May 7th, coco said

liz, I´m hoping the same too but in the other hand if the live singing sucks....Well, the bar is not very high if you think about the last time they sang live on the contest :D

on Thursday, May 7th, Zephro aka Ryan said


My gosh this is going to be the best thing in quite a while to see :)

on Thursday, May 7th, liz said

that's good news. let's hope they don't lip synch their performance!

on Thursday, May 7th, Marte said

I was thinking and hoping they would perfom, i'm looking farward to see them,

on Thursday, May 7th, Amanda said

I hope that t.A.T.u. perform “Snegopady” or “Snowfalls”.

on Thursday, May 7th, Me said

Wow. This is surprising to see, considering the girls feelings about Eurovision and its competitors, but it'll be interesting anyways. Hopefully they do something new.