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05/10/2009: "Video: Eurovision performance (05.10.09)"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

t.A.T.u. performed “Ne Ver, Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi” at Eurovision on May 10th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia. Click here to download the video. Thanks to Lauiii (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Tuesday, May 12th, Tatulover said

Tatu 2 day they will singing running blind and time of the moon russian v & snegopady

on Tuesday, May 12th, jake said

earlier i commented and asked that when is the extended version of happy smiles out. Some one replied that the Russian version is, but i got that version from i tunes and the t.a.t.u shop and none of then are extended. Why cant they just put all the English versions on itunes ? There is no valid reason why they are letting us hold on for months and months. It is so unfair and im sorry to moan but in this day and age singing life gives back to the fans. But still glad that they at least did it

on Tuesday, May 12th, Brandon said

LOL@Jenn! Are you a gamer, or are you just using the fad?

Anyway, the t.A.T.u. girls almost never sing live when their musicians aren't there. When they don't have a band, they use playback. Thats how it's always been.

on Tuesday, May 12th, coco said

Well in that case, I guess there won´t be any special show tonight either. But hey, what you gonna do..

on Monday, May 11th, Me said

Apparently they're gonna perform a little bit of NGGU in playback at the next show during a medley of Russian songs. There's a vid of the rehearsal and Lena is alone. Yulia couldn't even manage to show up to rehearse 1 minute of a song in playback. Hope she shows up at the real thing and doesn't get "sick" again.

on Monday, May 11th, jenn said


on Monday, May 11th, Faiza said

Ok and were there really much things that they said that never came true? give me a list of things they promised and maybe never came true please...

on Monday, May 11th, Faiza said

To Courtney:
Jeeze calm urself... all the delays and shyt with their albums coming out, it's not their fault it's t.A.T.u.'s management. anyways why are u so mad about the delays??? wut's so bad about them that u gotta dislike t.A.T.u.??? and the girls don't bullshyt about anything... They said they are still together so they are... do u actually think they are gonna give up 10 years of t.A.T.u.??? Do you actually believe the girls are terrible and heartless that they will bullshit like that??? fucck man get ur damn head straight... if you keep giving off all this negativity about t.A.T.u., just give up being a fan cuz ur obviously not a good one...
And Yulia may have a diva style or whatever i dont find anything wrong she is pretty nice and really funny. we love Yulia for herself... she's definetely not a b*tch or did anything bad, so you gotta love her.... if u don't accept her... well...Keep it to yourself...

on Monday, May 11th, tatu101 said

Ahhh i cant wait 2see waht they do 2morro/2night i hope its really good and kinda lik old time with same dancing and that...but watever they do i will love!!!
tatu 4ever!!!

on Monday, May 11th, Courtney said

At Faiza:


The girls say whatever they can to get attention and to please people/media/fans. They never mean a damn thing they say. Look at everything they've said in interviews and tell me how much of what they said was going to happen came out to be TRUE and not total bullshit in the end.... PRACTICALLY NONE OF IT! I don't care if its them who choose to say it or if it was Ivan back then or if its the label... What they say hardly ever is true.

I love their music, but I'm starting to dislike them.. Mostly the fake way they act now and especially Yulia's diva attitude.

on Monday, May 11th, Robbert said

ahh. im correcting myself everyone. it's "Dont trust the voices, dont trust the voices" so maybe today/tomorrow (depending on what time zone) t.A.T.u. will preform an english version. cause it goes with the chorus

on Monday, May 11th, robbert said

Question everyone... When the beat goes to NVNB and there's no singing, in certain videos (at EuroV. and Tokyo Dome that i know of) what is Lena saying in english? i know its english... i swear it sounds like Dont trust, ne boysia. but i think its something different after dont trust. i know she says english stuff though. please help

on Monday, May 11th, Sofia said

Phwoar- this place pretty much exploded with drama!
I didn't think it was so bad xD

Melanie- I hope that 'reliable source' is really reliable. I hope it turns out good and they actually sing. Or at least sing over playback, like at the MTV awards.

I hope they dance!

on Monday, May 11th, Melanie said

It's been said they are performing Not Gonna Get Us at the semi-finals.

And the extended Happy Smiles is the Russian version. They are still trying to figure out how to release the English tracks to the fans.

on Monday, May 11th, jake said

Great to see them doing at least not pull out at the last moment. Even if they did lip sync, so what there still great. Anyone know when the extended version of Happy Smiles is coming out ?? So desperate to hear Time on the moon/ Snowfalls and the rest in english

on Monday, May 11th, TATUUUUUUUU said

they are great!Let's wait to see them on semi-final.Does anyone knows exactly what they will sing?

on Monday, May 11th, tatufan said

People cmon stop bitching about them already... you wud bitch if they didnt do it so just be happy that they did alright we love our tatu and we gotta be there 4them no matter what so comon enough with all the bad stuff yea...
And 4all those ppl who still are saying there is no tatu lik go and read some stuff then come back coz tatu are still together they are just working on solo careers as well so get ya facts right ok!!!!
cant wait to see tatu on the 12th it should be good...love you girls tatu 4ever!!!

on Monday, May 11th, jenn said

Jesus, people! Pardon my English, but calm the fuck down! Oh gross. I just almost threw up. But that's not the point. I think people are overreacting like WHOA. Don't get your knickers in a twist over something like this.

on Monday, May 11th, Diamond said

lol Liz! you'd rather see tatu try to be the hottest thing since sliced bread?

I'd rather see them lip synch, then blow it. *laughs*

on Monday, May 11th, Tatulover said

Evanecsense hav good voic and britney 2 .both hav ugly voic live why blam. tatu ilov u tatu

on Monday, May 11th, Tatulover said

Wow wow they are awsome the song is good the hiar the dreess is perfect and tatu still toghethr

on Monday, May 11th, Brandon said

If they wouldn't have used playback, they probably would've had the audience sing it for them anyway. I mean, it's what they always did when they sang NGGU live. >_>

Sorry Liz, but I have to say I would probably rather see them lip synch then pull a Jillian Hall. Hey, at least they were kinda affectionate, right?

on Sunday, May 10th, liz said

mike & melanie,

i rather have lena and yulia pull a jillian hall than lip synch (brandon and diamond knows who i'm talking about)

on Sunday, May 10th, Melanie said

All right, there's some serious bitching going on and half the people don't even have their facts straight.

a) t.A.T.u., along with other artists, were required to sing their previous songs from when they competed in Eurovision.

b) This was NOT the competition part of Eurovision. It was the opening ceremony.

c) They most likely had NO choice in whether or not they would do playback or live. Notice when they are performing on live television, it's usually playback but when it's concerts, they use a band.

d) The reason why Bilan had a live band and sang live, and the girls didn't, is possibly because they don't like singing with a band that isn't their's! Top of the Pops UK flashback anyone? Yulia kept making fun of the drummer cause he was screwing up. Plus, Sven and Troy are both in LA. It was probably cheaper for them to have playback.

e) They are on hiatus for t.A.T.u., they are concentrating on their solo careers so quit your bitching and enjoy the fact that they even AGREED to do this as t.A.T.u.

/end rant.

on Sunday, May 10th, Mike said

You mentioned me in your post?

no... just, no

I kinda hope the next performance is just like this one to see how everyones reacts lmao

on Sunday, May 10th, Me said

Yes, Mike, of course it's great that an artist regresses all the way back to the way they were 8 years ago. That's exactly what I like. Progress is dumb. Who needs that? Why expect artists who tell other people to sing live to actually sing live themselves? That's just logical and who needs logic? Not me. I want hypocrisy, which is great cause that's what t.A.T.u. gives out. :D

on Sunday, May 10th, Faiza said

GUYS CALM DOWN WILL YA??? DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT TATU ARE STILL TOGETHER??? IT IS EVERYWHERE NOW THESE BREAK UP RUMORS ARE SO OLD THE GIRLS SAID IT THEMSELVES THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER JEEZE GET UR DAMN FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE PISSING OFF AT THEM!!!!!!and there ain't no reason to get pissed off at them seriously the girls are busy at the moment, Lena Just came back from LA few days ago, and well... just chill... dont ask for too much from t.A.T.u. eurovision told them to sing NVNBNP.... BUT GET UR DAMN FACTS STRAIGHT THEY ARE STILL TOGEHTER...go check places like blog.tatu.ru/media and read the interview...short interview...

on Sunday, May 10th, Mike said

I liked it, no clue why tatu fans are being such little bitches about it :p This is exactly what they use to do before the 200 KM/H era and nobody seemed to have a problem with it back then so why should they now?

on Sunday, May 10th, Me said

I agree with you, Courtney. They talk so big and then what do they do? Nothing. Dima Bilan had a band and a routine, yet he managed to perform Believe fully LIVE. t.A.T.u. stood there and opened their mouths. Some people may not like Dima, but you cannot deny that he takes pride and makes an effort in what he does. This seems missing in Lena and Yulia. How sad. :( I hope they don't do the same on the next show.
And all the Russian sites are just buzzing with news on Yulia and her visits to her plastic surgeon. o.O

on Sunday, May 10th, Jane said

Wow, what a bummer. Although I'm glad to have seen them together on stage. Because that probably won't happen too many more times in the future. It's just too bad that they lipsynced.

The girls looked as beautiful as ever though. Especially Lena. She looked fantastic.

But I do agree with Jo, something just doesn't quite look right with Yulia. Maybe it was her nose stud? Maybe different makeup? Something was definitely different.

on Sunday, May 10th, Courtney said

I agree. Just break up already... They are just stalling to get more attention.

We all knew this was coming since "Dangerous and Moving" t.A.T.u. hasn't been the same anymore. You could tell they weren't close then and they were starting to REALLY dislike each other. It was only a matter of time before they would decide to break up.

on Sunday, May 10th, Shapovalov#1 said

there is no such band as tatu anymore...they are gone, ran away. the ludi invalidi perform for us now

on Sunday, May 10th, masha said

I am a hardcore t.A.T.y. fan, but honesty; can they just breakup already and stop dragging us through the dissapointments?

on Sunday, May 10th, Colettio said

there is no such band as tatu anymore...

on Sunday, May 10th, Courtney said

Why the hell can't they sing live anymore? They obviously can't sing well anymore since they always criticized anyone who uses playback and lip syncs and then they turn around and do it themselves with the same damn song they sung the last time they were at Eurovision and lost (even if they weren't competing, the official web site made it sound like they were going to).

Where the fuck did t.A.T.u. go?!!

Like I said before: t.A.T.u. eat their words more than they speak the truth... This was SO fucking disappointing to say the least.

They are so fake now its insane. They NEVER mean what they say, they just say shit to get fans/media attention and then NEVER follow through with what they said or promised when the time comes. Just like they did from the beginning of t.A.T.u.

They act like something or an appearance is going to be SO amazing and then when the day comes and we see the finished product MOST OF THE TIME its just half-ass and nothing like they said it would be.

And like I also said before: They're kind of eating their past words now, so to speak. (They usually do speak BEFORE they think about what they're saying and end up regretting it later on when the things they say don't work out. They're famous for it lol)

I'm so disappointed and pissed off right now!

on Sunday, May 10th, Colettio said

what the fuck is going on??? i swear, if Shapovalov was dead, he'd be rolling in his grave. yulia&lena need to stop "singing" together.

For gawd's sake why would they lip sync!! and honestly, i wish they would have broken up before they made the 3rd album. like quit before they lose all of their dedicated fans, too late.

on Sunday, May 10th, Jo said

Before I talk about anything else, I need to talk about Yulia... Is it just me, or is there something very different about her, other than the obvious, like her hair and her lips? Because I swear, something's different. And I can't figure out what it is.

Anyways, I'm disappointed, and happy in a way. I'm disappointed because they lip synced. I've always been against lip syncing. I never understood it, and I'm happy because, guys, they performed. They performed for the first time in so, so long. I love how they hugged, and how they bobbed their hands together along with the beats. They might now have been singing, but they were on stage together, and we haven't seen that for so long, and we're not gonna see it after the 12th for a long time. I still have hope for the second being a new song, or FotW. If it's FotW, I hope so much that they'll really sing. But even if not... They're up there. Together. And that's amazing.


on Sunday, May 10th, Diamond said

but guys think like this. They had fun on stage with eachother.
Sure the lip synching was alittle...bad. But we dont' know if there was technical issues. WE arent' backstage. We dont know.

They looked nice, They had fun. They hugged. It wasn't like Parviz was on the stage seperating the two girls as usual. They even held hands.
Yeah we expected better. But think like this for a moment. If you muted it. It looked pretty damn good.

on Sunday, May 10th, Me said

I get why they sang that song, but I do not for one moment understand playback. Lots of others sang live, Eurovision is a live event, and the girls talk shit on people who do playback. Yet they chose to do so here? I think that is telling the world that they still cannot sing well, so they are just gonna fake it. And Yulia even messed up again. Wow. :(

on Sunday, May 10th, Ross said

So could this mean the English version is not too far away . . . ;)

on Sunday, May 10th, Mia said

Oh, mmhmm it was ok. I guess. They're not doing any effort to impress us. I mean c'mon. I still love them but every time it's worst. :(

on Sunday, May 10th, Sofia said

Hm. I thought it was really cool they did NVNBNP again. I really like that song! But I think it sucked that it was ALL playback. I mean... they don't sound like 16 year olds any more. No one can be fooled by that. I wish they had at least re-recorded the playback. I could have just listened to a CD.

But it's great they're out doing performances, even if it is lip-synched and rather boring to watch. I do look forward to seeing the next one! I hope it's a bit better. ;3

on Sunday, May 10th, Diamond said

I think coco is right. They asked them to preform that.
I didn't EXPECT them to kiss. But the way Yulia hugged Lena is how they did BEFORE they would kiss. And I think the last time they kissed was in 2006. Not really that many years ago

on Sunday, May 10th, coco said

I hope they do a better show on 12th! If they lipsync and just walk around the stage people are gonna say: "why are they there? oh yeah, because they had a hit once. nice dress."

I love Tatu and I know they can do better! Show them what you´re made of, that you´re still young, you love your job, and that this song rocks! :D

But no need to bash Tatu because of the song choice! C´mon, of course they asked them to perform NVNB, that´s the whole point of their appearance....jeez.

on Sunday, May 10th, Faiza said

Hey don't worry guys. Maybe they will sing something new live on the 12th :) and hey u can't expect them to kiss they haven't done that for 4-5 years u shuld get over it now just love t.A.T.u. for themeselves :)

on Sunday, May 10th, liz said

yeah i'm kinda pissed.

1. they lip synched (well duh)

2. they performed an old song (i was expecting a newer one)

3. they're not even competing.

on Sunday, May 10th, Amanda said

t.A.T.u. were required by Eurovision to perform the song “Ne Ver, Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi”, as were the other contestants with their previous song entries. I am sure that t.A.T.u. will choose more appropriate songs for the second performance on May 12th.

on Sunday, May 10th, Diamond said

Sarah, you have every reason to be dissapointed.

But I think the theme of Eurovision was the return of people that took place int he contest. And if you look on the little TV thing they are showing Tatu's last appearance. So I think most people are doing it like that. Or atleast I'm hoping.

on Sunday, May 10th, Sarah said

I am really dissapointed to be honest.
First of all, why did they perform “Ne Ver, Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi” again?
They didn't win with it the last time, so they definatly won't now.
Second, why didn't they atleast record it again?
Because now they are lipsyncing (I can live with that part) a song from when they were like what..16?
And they have such good songs now as well, why didn't they use a new one?
:( I love t.A.T.u., maybe I should lower my expectations..

on Sunday, May 10th, LoveLena said

t.A.T.u. is not the same as before.
Too bad they do not sing live

on Sunday, May 10th, Diamond said

my heart skipped a beat when they hugged. I was hoping for a kiss. But uhhh no. I forgot they banded that. Umm, I think they are again on the 12th I hope so.
They both look great.
Lena is beautiful as always with her straightened hair. But I also thought they band playback...?

on Sunday, May 10th, Faiza said

lol wow I love seeing them together after so long :P they were so busy. are they gonna perform again on the 12th? and hopefully not lip sync?