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05/11/2009: "Gallery Update: Eurovision (05.10.09)"

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on Wednesday, May 13th, Mark said

they will sing Running Blind, Snegopady and Vremya Lunu when?? and they will perfor them on what
i would love them to perform Fly On The Wall :D:D but not matter what i love watchign them perfor any song they have done :D:D:D:D:D xxx

on Tuesday, May 12th, Sofia said

Nice dresses! I like their style of clothes (most of the time, anyway xD)

on Tuesday, May 12th, Faiza said

I'm so excited :D

on Tuesday, May 12th, blah said

No they wont, they will sing not gonna get us.

on Tuesday, May 12th, Tatulover said

Tatu today they will singing running blind and snegopady and vremay luny its great