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05/12/2009: "Video: Eurovision Performance (05.12.09)"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

t.A.T.u. performed “Not Gonna Get Us” with the Russian Army Choir at Eurovision on May 12th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia. Click here to download the video. Thanks to Lauiii (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Thursday, May 14th, Chris said

I've been reading comments on these entries for awhile now and I just looove this person , "ME". They make negative comments about both girls, they clearly hate Yulia, yet they continue to come on this fansite and give comments that aren't even criticism and are ridiculous. And they don't even have the 'nerve' to leave their email address. Try going on the tatu forums, and see how far you get on there. ;D

on Thursday, May 14th, masha said

I learned something from this:
Don't lip synch if the recording was done before your voice changed a little. Oh Yulia.

on Thursday, May 14th, Yuli said

I personally think that this performance isn't one of their best. They do look like they're having more fun than when they performed for Eurovision earlier in the week, but (as Mia said) it does look like some kind of circus show. There's far too much going on.

That being said, I think Lena looks adorable in the outfit. :) It may not be the most flattering outfit she has ever worn, but it's still pretty cute.

on Thursday, May 14th, liz said

brandon, i wouldn't!

on Thursday, May 14th, Brandon said

If, by a "you-know-what", you mean a sex tape, then I would definitely watch it. >_>

on Wednesday, May 13th, liz said

if yulia did a you-know-what with parviz, i would kill myself. it would be horrifying!

on Wednesday, May 13th, liz said

i got a new nickname for yulia: the pam anderson of russia (by pam anderson i mean the plastic surgeries, and multiple guys she been with.)

on Wednesday, May 13th, Me said

Wow, coco, you are right. http://i40.tinypic.com/b4gco1.jpg Jordan and Yulia both have fake eyebrows, fake lips, fake hair, and a wonderful fake orange skin tone. All Yulia needs is big plastic boobs and it wouldn't surprise me if she got them.

on Wednesday, May 13th, NS said

I'll admit that I'm disappointed they didn't sing this live. I would have liked to hear "Not Gonna Get Us" with their more mature voices. :(

on Wednesday, May 13th, Genesis said


and i agree, lip synching or not their still amazing.
they've sung live before, but this song is hard to sing live.

so you "fans" can just leave them alone, unless you can do better -_-

on Wednesday, May 13th, Faiza said

Did Yulia do anything else to her face other than her drawing eyebrows and enlarged lips? cuz someone mentioned plastic surgery ? :S

on Wednesday, May 13th, coco said

Has anyone noticed Yulia resembles very much Katie Price (aka Jordan)?

on Wednesday, May 13th, jake said

Great performance and i love the girls to bits, but not singing live does effect artists fans. Hope future performances are live. Oh the stupid BBC needs to sort there act out. Showing around 6 seconds of the end. Waited all night on BBC 3 and they edited it out.

on Wednesday, May 13th, Robbert said

lip-syncing or not, t.A.T.u. is still the best ans scandalous group. and the army choir.... Fucking amazing. they need to do this in their actual concerts and not some nube gig.

on Wednesday, May 13th, jenn said

That was so much cooler than their last performance. I absolutely LOVED it. And the girls look great, too. I love those outfits!

on Wednesday, May 13th, coco said

"I actually liked Yulia's eyebrows better this time"

Lol :D :D The truth is in the details! (and who said we are hard to please?)

on Wednesday, May 13th, Brandon said

That was great!

I especially love how Lena is trying out a new look. She should wear her hair like that more often. :)

Yulia looked pretty good, too... aside from the plastic, of course. >_>
I could never approve of her plastic surgery, but I thought she looked decent here.

on Wednesday, May 13th, Coco said


I liked the show, especially Lena´s stage presence melted my heart. She was glowing! And have to ad, nothing wrong with Yulia either ;)

Outfits were the best.

on Tuesday, May 12th, Tatulover said

Wow thats great lena and yulia very good every thing is awosme

on Tuesday, May 12th, Sofia said

Wow! Not really what I expected ;3

I liked this one. I thought Yulia looked good! Lena's hair and shoes were so cute.

Too bad it was total lipsynch of the girls and CD background music. The army choir addition was cool and the background dancers were so flamboyant! Creative and fun. The girls seemed like they were comfortable and having fun. Can't wait for the next!

They just keep gettin' better!

on Tuesday, May 12th, Faiza said

I think it's was Yulia's eyebrows because she didn't draw them as thick as usual lol. they almost look like her natural eyebrows she used to have. these eyebrows she had in this video look pretty nice :) she looks better here with them lol.

on Tuesday, May 12th, tatu101 said

What is up wit you ppl? why is everything bad bad bad lik comon arnt you just happy to see them and that they did it..oh yea and if you dnt lik tatu and hav bad shit 2say about them then get off this site and why ru watching them then!!!!
tatu 4ever!!!

on Tuesday, May 12th, Mia said

Lip-sync again... And the performance was horrible. Looked like a circus... Ridc and Awful. And does Yulia needs to be half naked? She looked beautiful. And poor Lena, that outfit was terrible. It made her look so fat.

on Tuesday, May 12th, Colettio said

they need to be flogged for lip-syncing all the damn time
but other than that, it was cool, i liked the whole
'Red Army Choir' thing goin on
cant wait to see their next performance

on Tuesday, May 12th, Sam said

I loved that performance! It was so much better than the last one :D They seemed to enjoy being there a lot more. And the girls looked gorgeous! Yulia looked amazing compared to usually :p, i agree with kayla that her eyes do look different lately, but i didnt find it so bad here :) And did anybody else like the Pink army tank? :P ;)

on Tuesday, May 12th, Kayla said

I thought it was a great preformance! It was so epic! the russian choir and everything. =]
but did anyone think something looked alittle weird with Yulia's eyes? Mabey it was just a lot of make-up or something, but yulia seems different somehow, but I dont know what.
But this was def. really cool!

on Tuesday, May 12th, Faiza said

I loved it :D I loved their outfits and they were both so cute! I actually liked Yulia's eyebrows better this time lol they look like her natural ones. and it was still good even if they lipsynced, cuz their mouthing mathced, and funny even tho this song is sang when they were really young, for some reason it still matches them now loool.

on Tuesday, May 12th, katya said

if your not a fan then you shouldn't be on a fansite, isn't that quite hypocritical too?

the video is lovely :) thanks for posting it!

on Tuesday, May 12th, Me said

Yulia is such a hypocritical botox bitch. She talks bad about "dancing panties," but yet that's all she is. And apparently neither of them can sing live anymore; not even for 2 minutes. Yeah, their solo careers are gonna be so successful. Not impressed. Whatev.